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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Part One: Textural Rhythms: Constructing the Jazz Tradition - Contemporary African American Quilts

Want some free entertainment? Want to partake some feasts for the eyes? Go to the Museum at Texas Tech! (just not Sunday the 3/14/10) We went last Sunday to see the "Textural Rhythms" quilts in galleries 1 &2. It was certainly something I'm glad we did. There were some fabulous pieces along with some of a dubious quality. But all in all, delightful. I tried to make sure I took a picture of the designer label, but noticed that I'd missed a few. I beg forgiveness.
The pieced background is so vibrant and fun.
And the playful stitching adds to the overall effect.

What a "plain" quilt from afar. But look close up...
threadplay that is exquisite...
central flower medallions with added glitz...
and delightful beads. What a delightful piece!

A fun piece in a non traditional format.

The singer's dress was all rows of glittering paillettes.

Look at all the buttons on this jacket! I'd have to go work out for a while to be able to wear this.. but isn't it charming?

Loving the cleverness of this piece.
look at the fabric manipulations carried out throughout the piece.
And I missed the name plate.. sooo sorry.
At first glance this quilt looks very simple, pleasing to the eye, well constructed. But let's take a closer look.
Exquisitely detailed stitching carried out with perfection.
Buttons and Swarovski crystals add another dimension to an otherwise flat surface creating sparkle and intrigue - they draw you into the piece.
A work of perfection. Most likely one of the two best pieces in the show. I was dismayed to not see it featured prominently. But that just leaves you to wander about and discover the best.

This creative endeavor used so many different fabrics and embellishments. I could have spent an hour just discovering the intricacies involved.
Aren't the fabrics lively? They certainly give you that Jazz feeling.
Nestled in the fabric collage, I found a hand painted face.

I loved the free-form shape of this piece.

Each of the squares was completed in this manner. Creative stitching and layering. But sadly forgot the nameplate again!!

Be sure to go by March 21st or you will miss this feast.

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Paradoxically Jill said...

I will definitely have to go and check this out. Last semester I took an art class and we talked about quilting. It was one of my favorite sections. The only kind of quilting I had ever been exposed to was the grandmother's double wedding ring quilts, etc. But these are beautiful.


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