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Monday, March 22, 2010

A stitch or two, satin or step, a bit of embroidery inspiration

This table setting came from a catalog. Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn or ?? don't remember, but would this not be stunning?
How about something like this peeking out of a sweater?

This was part of a jacket. enlarge to see the trim along the edge.. exquisite.
Embroidered panels
With Bernina's new eyelet embroidery attachment, an heirloom quality table cloth is possible.
I am thinking shadow embroidery for these pillows. the quilting on them is done with silk ribbons. Amazing.

I think that the cutwork attachment makes hardanger embroidery machine a possibility! I think I'm talking myself into this pricey little toy.

If I made this would I be brave enough to use it? Yes, I can't take it with me. Just prewash all the fabrics first. And don't serve anything with mustard, ketchup or oil!!

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