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Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's been quiet on the blog.... here's why!

We had a group of friends over for dinner last Thursday evening. Can you believe I have pictures of the table, the house but no pictures of who was there? The camera was out and ready, but not one picture was taken. Although the thought crossed my mind during dinner, it left just as quickly as it came. Sad indeed.
Found this charming placemat at SteinMart. Make sure you sign up for their preferred customer's card. It attaches to your key chain and then you always have their coupons at your finger tips. Dinner plates are Waechtersbach (Made in Germany). They are a very sturdy casual set. We bought these for the cabin we once had for which the casual look was perfect. Still love them here.
This set of brassware belonged to my mother-in-law. I was delighted to get them when she downsized and moved into a senior living community.
This "crystal" is some of our favorite. Is there a story behind these pieces? You betcha. Years ago in a land not so far away, Long John Silvers gave patrons on option to purchase a piece with each meal. We ate there two Christmases in a row. One of which my mother and godmother were here and helped further the cause. We now have a set of twelve of this great "crystal". Not shown are the cups and plates and a couple more pieces... all for twelve! Who knew back then that all that fat would be bad for you!
Found these great mini wreathes at Hobby Lobby years ago. I tie them to the backs of the dining room chairs with a wired red/white gingham ribbon.
If you have a sugar mold (the long wooden thing down the center of the table) buy some fluted votive holders to insert into the conical openings. Drop votive candles into the holders and light. So charming and easy!

I hope you enjoyed visiting us for a casual get together. Stay tuned for some of my favorite things this Christmas.

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