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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Favorite Decorations - go tell your stories..

Do you have favorite decorations? What makes them favorites? Does anyone know this besides yourself? Have you written any of this down? Although I think that my children know which holiday decorations I cherish most, I wonder if they really know it. This year before I put away the decorations, I'll be taking some pictures of heirlooms, favorites, and just some things whose story should be passed down to the next generation.

I love this cross-stiched Santa. I made him so-o-o many years ago. I think the pattern would have created a picture twice this size, I did it my way and made the crosses very tiny - his coat almost looks like velvet!
I love this bell. The idea came out of a parchment paper book that I purchased in Chicago on the Million Dollar Mile! The street has a real name, but it escapes me right now. And although I've not made any of the parchment paper crafts, they seem to have translated well to fabric..
I love these angels. They were among some of the last things my mom gave me before she passed away. These angels belonged to my grandmother. Their dresses are made of velvet and satin. Gold trims bedeck their edges. My grandmother cherished these and now I can too.
And this.. well it was such a surprise when I first saw this. Bernina chose my quilt to use as a media piece when they introduced the Bernina artista 200 sewing and embroidery machine. Then they found someone to make a picture of the quilt into an ornament. I have two other ornaments depicting my quilts, but the first one is my most favorite!

This year, take time to enjoy your decorations and remembering the stories behind them. Those stories are what make them really special anyway. What are your stories? Tell them.


Bobbie said...

Great idea! Hope my sons and grandsons will somewhat appreciate the things I cherish esp Christmas. Right now they tell me I need to get rid of all my junk so they do not have to deal with it.

Caroline said...

Marlis, I love your cross-stitched Santa! I have several tiny cross-stitched ornaments that go on our tree every year. I made them for our first and second Christmases together when we were far too "budget-restricted" to spend a lot of money on a tree. They are beautiful, and they always take me back to those first frozen Christmases in North Dakota when we were building our lives together.

We also have a set of "pillowed" ornaments--round, fiber-filled pillows trimmed in green and red metallic lace--that were made for us the first year that Kelly and I were in ND by the mother of one of my junior literature students. They are beautiful and depict the 12 Days of Christmas. They will always hang on our tree; although they are large and very visible on the tree, they are precious.


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