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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Collections.. surely I'm not the only one.

It's St. Nikolaus day in Europe. So in honor of the Saint of all good things, the forerunner to our Santa Claus, I'm going to share my homage to this jolly old man.
My name is Marlis and I am a Santa-holic. I love Santas and have them everywhere. Not that I believe that Santa is the reason for the reason, but because I love the jolly old man.
This Mark Roberts Santa fairy was a gift from my sister in law. She won it at the Taste of Home cooking show and knew she'd never display it. I was the lucky winner!
This Santa is only about 4" tall, made of resin....

And this cuddly version is one of my fav's. I think I bought him so I could make another but that never happened.
This is a German Steinbach smoker. His body separates at the waist and you can put a scented smoker cone inside. When you put the upper body back on, the smoke comes out of his mouth. He's also a 'mover'. If you wind him up, his sled undulates as it moves forward.
See that smoke coming out?

Another German Santa. This time with candle. I purchased this at Design Today on 34th street not too many Christmases ago.
Oh and another Santa I purchased to remake.. Never did. but he's really a small gift bag!
Love this guy, so rustic.
This is a Debrecht Russian santa.
Another collectible. I loved him for all his toys..

This was a Santa that I made our of my youngest son's baby clothes. And then I used toys that resembled the toys he used to play with. The little brass box was a gift from his Granny.
I totally love this guy's beard... it's so long and so many strands of yarn.
This is a Pipka Russian Santa.
And this is the jolly old man all in shades of white with lots of 'frosting' all over. So sparkly.
Purchased last year at United Market Street. He is a bottle topper.
I've had this Santa lantern so long I can't remember where I got him.
Our hallway, the delight of the granddaughters. So many Santas and soooo much temptation!


Bobbie said...

Fantastic hallway! Love all the Santas. He makes me smile and you can never have too many. Love love love the one made from your sons clothes. Great Idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Love all of your lovely santas. I know they bring back so many mermories for you and delight everyone you share them with. Thank you for sharing part of them with us.
Cathy D

TAMMY said...


Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

I found your blog recently Marlis! Collections are so wonderful, I just wish I had started more collections years ago. Your "santa hallway" is wonderful and I have no doubt your granddaughters will have many fond memories of this in the future. Thanks for sharing...


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