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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!

A long, long time ago in a land not so far away, a young man was smitten with a sassy ol' gal from Germany. She used to bowl at his family bowling alley (they weren't centers back then). And to get her name, he carded her one night while she was purchasing a drink in the bar. She did look mighty young for her age! He asked her out on a impromptu date, after he had acquired her unlisted phone number from her boss, who was not on his favorite person list. She hurried up to get ready for a date to the Cow Palace? Did they have cows there, she thought. Is this an omen?

So they went. Ten cent beer night. Now for a gal from Germany who was used to "real" beer, this was perfect. She held her own. Then they went to another bar on Main Street. (Looking back - 10 cent beer night and the bars -- should've paid attention!).

Four days later, the sassy ol' gal got an arrangement of orchids - how divine! and a wedding proposal. Nope, she wasn't ready.. March rolled around, another proposal. By then the beautiful bachelor house he built was ready to move in, so they did. June came with yet another proposal. This time the sassy ol' gal told the smitten lad that she would let him know when she was ready. (He should have paid more attention!)

So on December 30, 1974, the sassy ol' gal told the smitten lad at 6:30 in the morning that today was the day. By 1:30 they were married. The smitten lad's dad got to be best man and give the bride away.

They lived happily ever after with their two beautiful boys. And now with two beautiful, gorgeous, super smart and talented granddaughters. Did I say the smartest, brightest, most gorgeous granddaughters who can do no wrong and are loved beyond all measure?

And the rest is history!


CG said...

Happy Anniversary!

TAMMY said...


Bobbie said...

Happy Anniversary! That was a long time ago, huh? You have done well keeping him in line. So happy for you both and even better as it seems long marriages are fewer everyday. Congratulations!

Donna said...

Hey, happy anniversary! What a cool story!!


Caroline said...

I love happy, romantic stories!!! Happy Anniversary, Marlis! The photo is beautiful!

Stacy McGinnis said...

You look about 15! Cute story. :)


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