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Friday, August 7, 2009

oops it's friday so what have I been doing???

Fiber Fabrications will post tomorrow. I guess not being home the last two weekends has now officially caught up with me, or caught me unprepared. No Fiber post! Stay tuned Saturday, it will go up.

Sweet husband brought home a new toy. An Ultra HD Flip camcorder. Such a tiny little thing. takes up to 2 hours of video. charges on your usb port. uploads to u-tube. emails. can take a picture from the video. software on the camera. Easy! that is the key component. not great for far off shots (lacks zoom depth). easy to carry. Cute.

Thursday evenings during the summer months, find us and a group of friends at the Buddy Holly Center. It's music and drinks on the patio. Last night was a very fun Mariachi group.

Although it's quite warm during the summer evenings, they have misters going, lots of liquid to quench your thirst and shade provided by older trees.

Tried to upload video directly from the camera, but after 5 hours I figured that wasn't working. So uploaded to utube and now you have video... man this last video - who are those old folks??? LOL.

Be creative!

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Anonymous said...

We need to join y'all sometime on Thursday, wish summer wasn't already over!


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