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Friday, August 14, 2009

Creative Fiber Fabrications - embroidered breakfast set

Good morning! It's time for breakfast. I love all that goes around setting a table. I believe it also sets the mood. Breakfast is not only good for the body but it's good for the soul too. So why not enjoy it with a cheerful table setting?
I had stumbled across this provencal fabric years ago but there are so many fabrics out there that substituting should be easy. The placemats started out quilted, white and very plain. They were purchased and not self made. I spruced them up with a bit of binding and two rooster embroideries. I used the Bernina binder attachment 84 with its corresponding sewing foot.
Once the tea cozy was cut out and quilted with decorative stitches, I embroidered a cheerful "Good Morning" design directly on the quilted piece before sewing the pieces together.
One rooster in the bottom right corner of the placement.
One rooster on the top right.
Coordinating egg cup covers. These are quilted with the machine 'hand-look' quilt stitch from the machine.
At an auction, I purchased this antique just because it had a rooster on top. Function of the object? It is an egg warmer.

Fill with water, light the candle put your boiled eggs in the top cover and your eggs stay warm until meal time!

Be Creative!

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