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Monday, August 3, 2009

Creatively the Second Time around - sewn scrapbook flower

Another edition of the Second Time Around. I have stuff. Stuff for sewing. Stuff for handwork. Stuff for scrapbooking. Stuff for beading. Stuff for dying fibers and fabrics. Stuff for card making. Just stuff. Everywhere. It's a disease. Is there a remedy? You'd think I would have found it by now. Sweet husband says there is - just don't buy. LOL

I knew that at some point the barriers between all this stuff would be blurred. I would use stuff for one craft for another. And it's happened.
This flower was embroidered on fabric, trimmed with good scissors, button sewn on with silk ribbon. Oh I didn't use a pop dot or fabric glue - well you have to maintain some sense of propriety -don't you?

I used a Spellbinder's flower die for my flower pattern. Because these are nestibilities, there is more than one size of the flower in perfect proportion to one another. I traced them with a water soluble fabric pen (I've had some major catastrophies with the air soluble ones) onto some fabric. For the demo I used a solid linen, but love the look of the finished piece made of several different fabrics.
Die used as a tracing pattern.
Layer fabric, flannel or cotton batting, fabric and sew on the traced designs. Use smaller stitches so that the curves maintain a "curve" to them instead of getting spikey.
Trim them out of the fabric sandwich. Stack and embellish as you desire.
For a really fast stitching of the designs, digitize the traced designs in your embroidery software and then stitch with the embroidery machine.

Enjoy and Be Creative!

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