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Monday, August 17, 2009

Creatively the second time around - bottle lamps

Here's a quick little project for your Creatively second time around post today. It started its life as a wine bottle. I brought this one home from Chicago because I loved the label. I actually brought the empty bottle home with no idea what I would do with it. Anybody else do this? So I put it up and then one day the light bulb came on!

The rooster label fits in perfectly with my kitchen decor.I had my nephew drill a hole in the back - thanks Matt! This way the cord could go inside the bottle. This however, is not necessary. There are lamp kits on the market that just plop on top of bottles without having to drill a hole. This can really be a quick project.
Purchased a shade to cover at a craft store. Found some fabric and trim to make it special. The chicken embroideries are stitched on a Bernina. I stitched them on polyester and then "cut" them out with a hot wood burning tool. When you touch it to the polyester, it just melts the fibers, seals the edges and you have an instant embellishment.
Couldn't help but share this fuzzy friend, I think he will become a tassel one day. I did add some dried pinto beans to the bottle to give it a bit of additional weight. If you have a clear bottle, try marbles, bb's, or anything else that would look pretty.
Be Creative!

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Anonymous said...

I love the bottle with the rooster label, I would have saved it too!
Sorry I had to miss club, volleyball rules our world this time of year. ;)


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