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Sunday, January 29, 2012

In your home, what defines you?

I read one of my favorite blogs, Carol's House and Home Defined,this past Sunday and was asked this question: In your home, what defines you?
It's so easy to decorate, redecorate, undecorate, but do we add a bit of ourselves to our surrounding?

For me, well it's ribbon and I have two pieces that I've made that are in our home and are ME! Not my husband, kids, cat, decorator friends, just plain ol' me.
In my previous life, I was an educator for Bernina of America, Inc. and did all things sewing. It was a great way to combine both my vocation with my avocation. To this day, that still defines me. So as I was looking around, it was easy to pick out a piece that says me. I knew it would include ribbon. Embroidered French silk ribbon. And it would be outside the rules.
This quilted and appliqued piece is described in more detail HERE.