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Monday, September 14, 2015

A sad note in Santa Fe

We just returned from another glorious weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I love this town. I'm sure it's because of the age and history of the city. Surely has nothing to do with exquisite food and shopping opportunities in every nook and cranny and at all fingertips! ;-)

a link to a previous post on Cielo: 

One of my favorite places to shop was Cielo.  Past tense is intentional. I was shocked, saddened, distraught, sent into a fit of despair. It's empty and their are location available signs on both Cielo shops. They didn't check with me!!! How could they??? Why? Why? Why? 

Their stock of Le Jacquard table linens was amazing. 

I could always go check out the Sferra napkin colors. They had the best gifts for the hard to shop for.

photo courtesy Le Jacquard Francais

Where am I going to get my Le Jacquard fix? They sent me down this road...  Any ideas? Jsut because they thought it was time to retire......

Do you remember this cute, cute Cafe Paris which had indoor dining in the winter and outdoor dining in the warmer months? It was our Saturday morning breakfast spot. They closed this portion down and then it went was primarily front and center on the corner of Burro Alley and West San Fransisco streets. 

Ah, imagine our disappointment when this place was also boarded up and for rent/available to buy!
I think we found a couple of places to try the next trip. We will see. But they did have the best croissants this side of the Atlantic.
 All because of something to do with their liquor license....


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