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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mr and Mrs Pumpkinhead's Halloween tablescape

First and foremost, I've been praying for all those on the east coast. For your safety, that needs are being met and that you feel God's comfort in the wake of the disaster that has befallen you.

Halloween has certainly been sneaky this year. Crept upon us without a warning. Boom, she made her entrance loudly and bewildered us with her unexpected arrival. This is how Mr & Mrs Pumpkinhead will be celebrating the evening. I do hope you'll join us, in between sneaking the candy that was meant to go to the little kiddies. Ms. Halloween told on you!

After Ms Halloween arrived with full force, I sneaked out of the house and quickly purchased some napkins, aka bandanas from Hobby Lobby. I think for the holidays, you can't beat their prices nor their darling accessories. A simple orange tablecloth, black felt placemats, my workhorse white dishes, some orange salad plates, a white soup and the fun, almost Gothic looking flatware from Horchow's.
Tip: If you can't find a suitable napkin, check out the bandanas!

I used the cool bead spiders used previously HERE to squish the napkin edges together, so I could sit them on the edge of the plates. Sometimes, Mrs. Pumpkinhead has a thought not muddled by the sheer mass of "stuff" that daily floats through her head.

And while I was out, I picked up some glasses from World Market at 2 for 1! Much was already picked over. But I snagged enough for us.

These amber Whitehall goblets are certainly getting a workout this fall. So glad I picked them up at an estate sale, last day, so half price. Life is good.

Also from World Market, these darling "Eat at your own risk" liners. I can't take any credit for this set up.. no sirree Bob. Mrs Pumpkin head saw these in a flyer or email ad from WM. And she had the wire holders, just needed the liners to honor Ms. Halloween. Cute eh?

Mrs. Pumpkinhead (and everyone else, including Regan, who was caught in flagrante delicto with one in his mouth. Shame! shame!) love Yvonne's Parmesan Puff Pastry Bread Sticks. Oh wow. you will certainly love these. As a matter of fact Mr & Mrs. Pumpkinhead love all of Yvonne's recipes. You can always find a batch of her Ceasar dressing in their freezer!

Hard to see with all the glaring sun, so look carefully. Mrs. Pumpkinhead put the lovely  Fleur de Lis votive holder on the table so that there will be light to ward off the creepiness of a full moon!

Mr. Pumpkinhead wanted to order take-out when he saw this menu!! It's just a disguise to keep the intruders at bay. Even a spirit wouldn't eat this swill! Don't tell, but butternut soup (we don't mention the s word.. keep them thinking there are butter nuts or the rest of the Pumpkin clan won't take a bite!), a Ceasar salad (don't you know he's groaning in his grave, a good remembrance!), and some pork chops with applesauce. Yummy!

Hoping it won't be too cool to enjoy yet one more evening outside.  Well, we will just pull out the heater and the wraps!

 Thanks for dropping in! The Pumpkinheads treasure your visit...

Tablecloths - white matelasse coverlet covered with an orange topper
White dinner plates - Wedgewood Windsor
Orange Plates - BIA from Tuesday Morning several years ago
Soups - Williams Sonoma, probably a decade ago
Placemats - TJMaxx a few years ago
Flatware - Horchow's
Amber goblets - Whitehall, antique
Double- Old Fashioneds - World Market
Napkins and Pumpkin place card holders (in bowls) - Hobby Lobby, different vintages
Spiders - United Market Street, a local grocery store
Conical holders - World Market
Votive holder - Mineral Wells, Texas
Sign - Dollar Tree

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall has certainly blown in!

We had a bit of a cold front come through. I think it froze Saturday morning. Think, because I didn't really pay attention. Although we did go out for breakfast.. and I didn't think it was that cold.

Today I brought in some oak branches. Some had begun to change color. Here in Lubbock, it's leaves one day, yellow the next and on the third day they are on the ground. It certainly does seem that fast. Seriously. Coffee table accessories - Pottery Barn.

I especially love hos this turned out. The coloring in the leaves is wonderful. I also love how sparse this is. You can really see the shape of the branches. Confession, I did have to give the cooler a quick cleaning!

I leave you today with this quick tribute to a favorite holiday.. Halloween.. Boo y'all!

Be thou my Vision

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A tribute to the last roses tablescape

It's a bit unexpected to be using roses in the fall, but as the last roses have just now bloomed on our one lonely rosebush, I thought an appropriate send off was in order.

Adding yellows and pinecones to the table adds a rustic touch of fall.

When the rose is faded,
Memory may still dwell on

Her beauty shadowed,
And the sweet smell gone.

That vanishing loveliness,

That burdening breath,

 No bond of life hath then,

Nor grief of death.

Tis the immortal thought 
Whose passion still 

Makes the changing
The unchangeable.

Oh, thus thy beauty,
Loveliest on earth to me, 

Dark with no sorrow, shines
And burns, with thee.
When the Rose is faded by Walter de la Mare

Crochet placemats - very old
Napkins - Pier One
Dinner plates - Wedgwood Windsor
Salad Plates - Royal Stafford used HERE
Glasses - Mikasa French Countryside
Flatware - Cambridge available at Horchow's
Silver candlesticks - Gorham Chantilly
Crystal Candlesticks - unknown
Pitcher - Wedgwood

Thank y'all for visiting. Your visit warms my heart.
See all y'all there!

Friday, October 19, 2012

My copy-cat chalkboard

I am NOT this clever. But boy when I see a good idea, I can surely make it my own. Michael over at Inspired by Charm created a masterpiece on his large wall. You need to go check it out HERE. Mine is no where near as elaborate. But then I have a small chalkboard and he has a big, ol' wall!

This hangs over our stove. I had something else there, but it lacked enough weight. And until I get the stove of my dreams (here) and a new vent hood, this will just have to do. And I'm no artist.. please be kind!

The fun aspect of the chalk drawing still comes across. One thing I did learn.. don't clean the chalkboard with water and then NOT prime it again! See how wimpy the brooms on the right are? Lesson learned.

You too can create your own chalk masterpiece.. in not so much time either.. Have fun and

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A quiet, fall, Sunday evening dinner tablescape

I really do love fall. I love the colors, the smells, the crispness in the air, the need for a fire or a coverlet. It just all appeals to my soul.

I've really been very good this year about not adding to the dish collection. Really, I have. But when I saw these at Williams Sonoma, well they jumped into my cart! Literally, as I was drooling on the screen (we don't have a fabulous store front out here in West Texas), next thing I knew I had selected, ordered and paid for these plates. With electronicst getting smarter and smarter and knowing just what you like, it's not my fault. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. Farmer's Market. Williams Sonoma.

Part two.. and so did a dozen napkins. Autumn Madras. William Sonoma. Bad, bad computer.

Most Sunday's find us, our youngest son, and my  95 yr old dad sitting around this table or one outside, weather permitting, enjoying a meal, chatting, having a good time.

And since it's the time when pumpkins just jump into baskets, too,  this year I placed a Fairytale pumpkin that found it's way into our shopping cart, smack dab in the middle of the table surrounded by a fabulous faux garland that I've wrapped in a circle. 

 Not too shabby for faux, huh? I thought so, too. I've had it for eons. Sometimes it's hanging on the kitchen door as a wreath and sometimes it's on the table. 

Rustic just speaks to my heart. It says warm, casual and "gemutlichkeit".

There's something about Mary and there is just something about madras! I don't know why it takes me back to my teenage years. Was madras big in the 60's over here?

The little white pumpkins are real. Yeppers. I have quite a stash of them sitting around. One here, one there, a couple over there. 

Boy, that candle sure looks crooked. Hmm. Sorry. I still love just a bit of Spanish moss in the cup of a candle. Especially on a rustic table. 

The Fitz and Floyd pitcher has made another appearance. It's just like a Timex, takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. I use it spring summer and fall. Did you notice that I layered another runner right over the top of the burlap runner? It certainly adds a bit more texture and color to the table. 

Mikasa French Countryside glasses play well with the hand blown glass from France found in Santa Fe. It's amazing if you buy what you like, how much it will all really go together. 

Burlap and chenille runners - made by me
Nito Chargers - Pier One or World Market
Dinner Plate - Wedgwood Windsor (the hardest working dishes I have!)
Salad plates - Farmer's Market - Williams Sonoma
Glasses - clear: Mikasa French Countryside; pale green: Hand-blown in France, found in Santa Fe, NM
Pitcher - Fitz and Floyd 
Flatware - rosewood handled brass; gift from my mother
Barley twist candlesticks - antiques
Napkins - Autumn Madras, Williams Sonoma
Napkin Rings - Stein Mart

Thanks so much for coming by.. your visits make my day!
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