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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gathering in perfect weather

I had company last Sunday. The weather was as beautiful as any could be. Not too warm, very few gale force winds (well, 30 mph is not out of the norm for West Texas), and a very special young lady to honor. I set up 4 tables for guests and one to serve from. When planning for a large gathering, it's not necessary to have all the dishes from the same pattern. I used 3 different dish patterns. As I was pulling the dishes out to "audition" them before Sunday, I realized that the old adage that we mostly buy things within our comfort zone holds true with dishes too. I'll let you be the judge if it all blended well.

Each table had a linen tablecloth and then a topper. This topper is home embroidered on a purchased blank that I purchased in my favorite place - Martha Pullen's from Huntville, AL. If you would like to see her extensive collection of table toppers, click here.

This topper has a beautiful pulled thread edging as you can see in the photo above. For more particulars on the beautiful Jenny Haskins embrodiery on the tablecloth, take yourself over to my other blog HERE.

Goldplated flatware. Pitiful dishes. There's a story here.. we were at an auction. There sat this box of dishes. Well over 100 pieces, plates, salad plates, bread and butter plates, serving pieces, bowls, just no cups. Not one person placed a bid. I looked at my husband and he threw in the towel as I said, I can't just let those dishes go... so guess what? For $10.00 I got the entire box. Made in China, Granada, mark of M and a number 3183. Older. but i know nothing about them, except the green is amazing, the gold intact. I know, crazy huh?

 Moving right along to the next table. The crocheted insert and edged Ralph Lauren tablecloth. I just love the lacy look to this.

Rosewood handled brass flatware. Plates from TJ Maxx several years ago. Designs by Brunnelli - Made in Italy.

 A simple topper purchased in Germany covers this round table.

Brassware from Thailand, green pressed glass plates with no markings. Cannot remember from where these came.

Love the delicate blooms on this topper. I also have smaller doilies that match this.

Petit Fours, choclate covered strawberries, Pirouettes, and pink lemonade served in stemware. It was easiest to fill the glasses and bring them out than to fill the individual glasses on the tables. Only thing I am going to be looking for are a mass of cotton/linen napkins for just such occasions.

Flowers from the wholesale florist, vases from Dollar Tree.

Thanks for dropping in.You are my blessings, your comments my joy... I will be linking up with the gracious Susan at Between Naps on the Porch on Thursday. Be sure to run by there and see some of the other delightful and amazingly talented people opening their homes for you!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hutch makeover - from yukky to "it's a bar!!"

This is the end result - a long from it's humble beginnings. The backstory: We've had this hutch since we bought our cabin in NM. So a very long time. It's either been relegated to holding dishes or craft supplies, but had no main focus in our home. I had a thought to turn it into a bar. Then we went to a local department store on the search for a couch (still searching) and saw a bar up there similar to this one. The lightbulbs flashed, the wheels started turning, time sped up!! Although the bones are good, the piece was UGLY! Color can make such a huge difference. See for yourself.

See, interesting design details, vintage and the ugliest yellow green color ever. Well that I know is subjective, simply put, it never fit into our color scheme! We refinished our first piece of furniture.

So we sanded, then began to paint. It's always hardest to pick the color. I have to remember that it's just paint, if you don't like it. Paint it again! I chose a gray-green-blue color from Valspar in a semi-gloss finish. We removed the hardware, sanded and then the painting began. Two coats. Inside and out. See the ugly wallpaper on the inside back! The tragedy was carried out to the n'th degree.

Even my right hand got involved. This picture shows the sharp contrast from what was to what is.

One more coat of paint to go. All the shelves and the inside were painted too. I think we didn't remove the doors because we didn't about it.

I used a ck gray colored Valspar semi-gloss to 'antique' the finished hutch. Use a damp rag, dip it into the tester size of paint and for less than $3.00 you have a stained piece of furniture. This little tip came from the really nice, cute paint guy at Lowe's. I was going to get a larger can of paint and he recommended the tester size. Then we sealed it with a water-base polyurethane. Two coats on the surfaces that get the most use and one on everything else.

And we found these great drawer pulls. I should have taken a picture of those that were on there..you would have gotten a good laugh. These are bronze with gold highlights. This will be very important... you'll see.

For the old hardware that was going to be too difficult to find.. the turn on the top doors and the latch on the bottom, I used a hammered oil-rubbed bronze spray Krylon paint to lightly, not solid coverage, spray paint the hardware. I wanted some of the existing gold to show through so that it would all match the new drawer pulls. Success! Yeah, the pull has undertones of gold also.

Each door had this mesh insert in it. Originally it was a brass finish also. So once again, the light coat of the hammered oil-rubbed bronze Krylon spray paint to allow some of the brass to show through. Perfect!

Okay this goes into the blogland bloopers file!!! See the chord hanging down from the light. I guess I didn't have the cord from the light tacked yet - ooh blamage!!  We then had a mirror cut for the back, and a glass shelf cut for the inside. Found the hanging stem-glass holders at Lowe's also. They were a bright and shiny chrome!! So I got out the dependable hammered oil-rubbed bronze spray paint by Krylon. I love that stuff!!! And they then blended right in with everything else. This time, full coverage, several coats, sealed with a semi gloss sealer.Found an under the counter florescent stick to fit on the front top to light the cabinet. Drilled a hole in the cabinet through which to run the cord. Plug it in behind the cabinet.

So it's finished. All told with drying time included this took a weekend and then a couple of evenings the following week. So a rather quick project.

Thanks for dropping in, I love your comments. Have a very blessed week. I am linking up to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her Metamorphosis Monday Party.. be sure to go by and see the lovely transformation on lots of different items!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kid-friendly dining

Created this fun spot in the yard for the little people. Although, truth be told, the adults will have just as much funFun is the key ingredient. Everything else is just extraneous. 

Menu: burgers and fries. Out came the little colanders in vibrant colors. Insert parchment paper and individual ketchup, salt and pepper.

Bring out the craft paper and cover the table. If you don't want it to flare out on the sides, use a spray bottle with water and mist the edges and bend the paper into a  more pleasing drape. Use the kitchen flatware. Fun with a capital F!!! Put out the crayons for before-dinner fun.

Add a few votives in decorative glass containers. Even little people need to feel special.

Kitchen crystal

Colorful arrangement of flowers in a silver container

Large kitchen towels used as napkins placed under the white plates - fun.

Don't forget to light the candles.

Condiments in a divided tray

Fries in the colander and burger on the plate!

Hope you enjoyed your brief visit with the little people. We sure are glad you came along for the fun!

fun Ingredients:
Roll of craft paper for table
White plates - Dollar Tree (this summer)
Tumblers - Dollar Tree (this summer)
Votives - Dollar Tree (this summer)
Colanders in assorted colors - TJ Maxx (this summer)
Kitchen towels - TJ Maxx (3 yrs ago)
Silver coffee pot - garage sale find 15 yrs ago
Fresh flowers - supermarket

I am linking up with the 'hostess with the most-ess' - Susan at Between Naps on the Porch - click the HERE on Thursday to see all the other wonderful tablescapes. Join the fun!

Thanks for stopping by, I love your comments and I hope y'all will come back again soon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fiesta Santa Fe

Welcome to Fiesta Santa Fe. It was my first time to be there during this busy weekend, so I'll show you some of the highlights. I hope you'll stick around and follow this journey with me.

In honor of the founding fathers of Santa Fe, the crests of the founding fathers are all hung along the Palace of the Governors on the west side of the square.

This is the venue for the daily Native American vendors that sell their wares under the portal.

Then we went to see the burning of Zozobro, Old Man Gloom. He symbolizes the all the worries and bad things of the previous year. He stands 50 ft tall. However, one of the shopkeepers that was once a helper/organizer of the burning, told us that he started out about 2 feet tall and the burning took place on the square.
Each year, they do change up some of his attributes. This year, he had blue hair! The Kiwanees now produce this event as a fund raiser. You are welcome to bring your slips of paper of the things you want to burn and put it in a box and then that is burned along with him. One pair of sisters has been coming to this for 25 years and they bring a box!

While waiting for dark to set in, band play and then there was this procession.

He really looks ominous!
Who does his manicure??

Sun is setting it won't be long.
He really does moan and groan!
And then he begins to burn and all of last year's worries and troubles are gone.
The evening then finishes with fire works.
Some venues still had roses in bloom.
The Shed.
Square dancers were part of the continual Fiesta celebration.
As were Native American folk dances.
And a procession bringing La Conquistadora back to the Cathedral Basilica after a week's stay at Rosario Chapel. She is brought in by Don Diego De Vargas.
This lovely lady has a closet larger than my bedroom!
And then they go back in time reenacting Don Diego De Vargas reclaiming Santa Fe peaceably from the Native Americans.
No Fiesta would be complete without Mariachis.
Horseshoe shaped silver ornamentation.
I love these Mariachi ornaments.
Thank you for dropping in.. Now you too have been to Fiesta in Santa Fe. I'm glad you joined me for the journey. Check the sidebar for other trips to Santa Fe for a different glimpse into the City Different.


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