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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Calender 2012 - Old Michael Church

I saw this picture, well one from this blog, on Pinterest.  Jill from Feathers and Flight  created this gorgeous vignette. Do click and see her gorgeous table!!! It was my inspiration. I certainly didn't have those charming putz houses nor the various containers, nor this sweet lady's decorating style... but I tried. I wanted to display my Old Michael Church from the Dept 56 Heritage Village collection. I used to put up an entire village and let's just say, the desire left in our house fire.. My son replaced the church and I a few other pieces and they are now tucked here and there.. so perfect.

I pulled out my silver tray, freshly polished from Thanksgivings. The church, some bleached bottle brush trees, some ornaments, a crystal champagne glass and candelstick, the single pewter goblet from my father-in-law and a bag of Dept 56 snow. Oh and mom's St. Nikolaus from the Alpine Village.

In the pewter goblet, some greenery and an ornament that looks like a giant snowflake.

Happy St. Nikolaus day to you! Yep, it's today. Did you get coal or some sweet treats? You can read more HERE.

 In the snowfilled vintage champagne glass, I placed this vintage looking ornament from Michael's a few years ago.

 These bottle brush trees were placed in a bleach bath to lighten them. I had them lying around. Really I did. Be careful. Once the bleaching process begins, you can go from green to white in 0.3 seconds flat!

 I am still loving the candleholders from Pottery Barn last year. I filled the empty space in the candle tray with mini pinecones vase filler.

 After I "snowed" the tray (do not use rock salt or any salt on silver!!! it will pit it and eat away the silver) I added pinecones and small ornaments.

 See how the light from the candles reflects in the shiny ornaments? Old Shiny Brites would have been suh-weet in this vignette.

Thanks so much for coming along for the Advent Calendar ride.. I love to see you've been here! Be blessed.


Denise said...

Marlis, this is just BEAUTIFUL!! What a wonderful vignette! I love all of it.

I'm so sorry you lost your Dept. 56 village in the house fire, and how sweet of your son to replace some of the pieces. Your Old Michael Church is charming.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful arrangement, and have a great day.

Denise at Forest Manor

Tricia said...

What a great idea for displaying a Christmas village piece! I decided not to set up the village this year, but it would be fun to arrange one piece like this!

Alycia Nichols said...

I think we ALL know that I got coal. I ALWAYS get coal. I'm bad like that! :-) This is really pretty, Marlis! In a couple of photos, it really looks like an actual village! Good thing you reminded people NOT to use any kind of salt on their silver lest they ruin it. This is a valuable reminder to those of us who regularly tablescape and a fabulous tip for those new to the fold!!!

allisamazing said...

It is all so pretty!

xinex said...

This is stunning, Marlis! I love that brown house, somehow it reminds me of the houses in Norway....Christine

Babs said...

Marlis, your snowy Christmas vignette is magical. What is it about little snowy village scenes that speak to the inner child in us? LOVE this and all the elements.


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