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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Calendar 2012 - Santas on Parade

I hope you love the jolly old man as much as I do. I'm going to share some of my favorite Santa faces from my collection.

I love this lantern. Instead of a candle, I've inserted a light inside.. just a flip of the switch and Santa lights up this corner.

They are all on parade in our hallway. It's the perfect spot to spotlight a collection of anything.

This is a Pipka Ukrainian Santa. A gift from mom.

One of the Debrecht Santas.

Dept. 56 Santa pulling his sled full of toys. I love the detail in these pieces.

This great piece is a vintage Steinbach smoker. You lift up the body and insert a lighted incense cone in his cavity. The smoke comes out of his mouth. This piece also has a mechanism that moves the airplane along.

Another German Steinbach smoker mechanical music box. His sled will weave to and fro.

Cute face, too.

I made this woodland Santa in his canoe many moons ago.

An original Debrecht Santa carved out of wood sitting on a music box. Purchased in Chicago at a little store that specialized in Russian artifacts. He plays music from the Nutcracker.. so fitting as he was purchased right after we had been to see it with the Bernina group.

A Steinbach nutcracker with is bag of toys. Notice the tree? In Germany, the tree is put up by the Christkind (Christ child) who brings the gifts on Christmas eve.

I so hope you enjoyed your visit today. I've enjoyed bringing you something each day. It's always good to find some joy in each day. Be blessed.


Deb said...

Your Santas are wonderful and you show them off so well. My favorite is the woodland Santa in the canoe. Hugs, Deb

On Crooked Creek said...

Love your Santas on Display!!! Each one with personality all his own!!! I have a photo of Santa where I once taught Pre~School...my Dad and I!!! Priceless!!!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Your Santa collection is just fabulous! Each one is so special and unique. I love the way you have displayed them.

Carol@HouseandHomeDefined.com said...

If you and i were in the same town, I would invite myself over for a closer look! These are wonderful. Thsnks gor the cheer on what remains a heavy heart from the psst few days. Xx

Diane said...

Love your the Santa faces. He is my favorite guy and I cannot wait to see what he leaves in my stocking every year!! You do have a wonderful place to display them. I have a smaller collection, but due to a crazy year, did not even get them out for the holidays. Thanks for sharing!!

Alycia Nichols said...

I still just LOVE your hallway, Marlis! It's just so rare (in the Midwest, anyway!) that one sees a hallway with storage like that! It's functional, it's beautiful, it means that your hallway is wide...all the things one wants in a hallway!!! What a great area to display you wonderful Santa collection!


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