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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Calendar 2012 - Simply Christmas

Simply Christmas. And thus it is. A family dinner. Comfort food. Home.

The wooden box centerpiece is stays on the table. So I set the table with it in mind.

Don't the faux's almost look real?

Waechtersbach Christmas dishes make their appearance for the season. Everyday dishes. I love these. Originally purchased for our place in New Mexico, they came home when we (very regretfully now) sold the place. Glasses from Long John Silver's - 1995?  Rustic napkins and pine cone napkin rings all set on a twig placemat. 

Gorham stainless completes the setting.

Just lovin' all the rustic on the table.

Found these napkin rings at Kohl's. My first time in the store. So perfect for our holidays. Napkin is hand embroidered. Came with a tablecloth my dear mother-in-law brought us from abroad.

Can you believe these came from Long John Silver? Love these glasses and they are just perfect with these dishes. These, too, were up at the cabin. 

 Love the rock salt in the hurricanes. Looks like snow!

Forgot to take pictures with the table set AND the candles lit. ha. Never happens to you?

So glad you dropped in. I appreciate your visit, each and every one. 

Twig placemats - ??
Dishes - Waechtersbach
Glassware - Long John Silvers
Napkins - gift from mother-in-law
Napkin rings - Kohl's this year
Flatware - Gorham

I hope to see you there!!


allisamazing said...

Your table is beautiful and I just love those Christmas dishes :)

Red Couch Recipes said...

Marlis. I bought my mother some of the red pattern, won't attempt to spell it. It is such a great shade of red for Christmas. I can't believe those glasses were from Long John Silver. I love the placemats and the pincecone napkin rings. Great warm table. Joni

Barbara F. said...

Such a gorgeous table. Love the photos, with the sunlight splashing over. Great post. xo

Alycia Nichols said...

I remember when places like Long John Silver used to have glasses and stemware. Those were the days! Your table setting is SO pretty! It reminds me of a Pottery Barn ad with all the elements from nature all around. Still absolutely loving the centerpiece box your son made for you, you lucky gal!!! You tree looks great in the background, too! This is like Rocky Mountain Christmas...just beautiful without being at all fussy!!!

the cape on the corner said...

i love that lush centerpiece! gorgeous!

Marigene said...

So festive...love the centerpiece. Everyone always finds great things at Kohl's but me...never found a thing so I don't bother going any longer.

Jewel Sauls said...

One of my favorite Christmas glasses came from Arby's. Love yours from LJS! Love that box and yes the faux's look real!!! I love your pine cone napkin rings - I used a similar one this week in my table! Great minds!!!

Pat said...

It's beautiful Marlis. I have some similar glasses from McD's a long time ago.:-)
The centerpiece is amazing!

kitty said...

Hi Marlis, I love your dishes. My Dad gave me the teapot in that pattern and I gave it to our daughter, several years ago. The wooden box centerpiece is wonderful..so versatile for changing out, and it's espcecially pretty all lit up.

Sonia said...

I am in love with your wooden box centerpiece...how fun filling it full of natures goodies with the seasons! Will have to keep my eye open for something like it for my table! Your dishes are gorgeous and the entire table is so festive! Love your dining room! Merry Christmas!
Miss Bloomers

Elaine said...

Hi Marlis! Your box centerpiece is just wonderful! I love the repeat of natural elements with the placemats. Many years ago, I sent my parents a set of mugs from Long John Silver's. They were beautiful!

lulumusing said...

You just never know where you are going to find something special. I never thought it would be Long John Silver's. I'm crazy about boxes so I loved seeing yours on the table.

A Cottage in the Clouds said...

Really beautiful! Elegant, woodsy, rustic. Love the centerpiece. Rock salt- what a great idea!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love your dishes and the centerpiece is really lovely! I am glad you shared this great table with us! Hugs, Linda

Kathe said...

Rustic yet elegant! Perfect elements for Christmas. It all feels so warm and cozy Marlis! Just lovely!


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