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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advent Calendar 2012 - a decorated tree

When do you set up your tree? Real or faux? I got tired of picking our ornaments off the floor and went back to a faux type. See all those boxes below the tree?

And if you are looking for this week's table.. just click HERE.

I store items in these Christmas boxes during the off season. But during the season..... they sit under our tree until it's time for presents. And then again after the  presents are opened. I hate to see a bare tree.

Boxes purchased at Tuesday Morning. They have so many pretty ones, it's difficult not to buy more and more and more... oh you get the picture!

I have a slight feeling that next year, we'll be having colored lights on the tree. I have gotten away with white lights two years in a row!

Our trees at my grandmother's always had real candles on the. Lit on Christmas eve under the watchful eye of the adults. However, their real trees were so much fresher than any you find on a tree lot in the south!  I'll show you how to make the clear balls next week! Promise.

Regan approves! He believes the bottom of the tree is his and says "Go get some pretty boxes!".


Tricia said...

Beautiful tree, Marlis -- and what a great tip about using the Christmas boxes for storage and then under the tree! We have the big colored lights on our tree -- they remind me of the ones from my childhood, and my husband loves them, too. That was our compromise for using only white lights outside!

Linda Primmer said...

Marlis, your tree is lovely. I struggle with the decision of a faux or real tree. They both have their advantages. Love the boxes...great idea! Regan looks contented....

Kuby said...

What a beautiful tree, made even more spectacular by your talent. Merry Christmas, beautiful Marlis ❤

My Cozy Casita said...

Hi Marlis, Thank you so much for your lovely comments,you blog it so
beautiful I love your christmas tree and your tablescape all your decoration is spectacular

vignette design said...

Your tree is beautiful Marlis! Real vs. faux. White lights vs. colored. Such decisions! (My family insists on real with colored lights, but I won the light battle.) Next year, I'm going faux. It's just too much work! I love your idea of the boxes under the tree.
Remembering real candles too. Now we have faux candles, which I bought and put in lanterns. Turning them on is a hassle though. Your kitty looks like he approves of it all. I'm convinced that our pets love Christmas!

Rockelle said...

Your tree is lovely. I must caution you, however, of the danger of the icicles on the tree. If ingested by your precious Regan they can stretch and cut the intestines leading to emergency surgery and often death. I worked with veterinarians for years and we saw several instances both at Christmas with tinsel and Easter with plastic grass every year. I love the old time tinsel but use glass icicles for my pet's sake. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and wish you a very Merry and safe Christmas.

Laurie Ritchey said...

Marlis, you are a kindred spirit. Everybody (including my family) thinks I'm crazy, because I can't stand to see a tree without packages under it! On Christmas morning, there is much laughter about handing out packages that have nothing in them! I also store Christmas ornaments, etc. in the boxes after Christmas. Your tree looks beautiful. laurie

Alycia Nichols said...

Fantastic tree, Marlis!!! I love it! I'm totally with you on not liking a bare area around the tree. I put dummy boxes there until the real deal is ready. This year, we'll only be getting coal, so maybe I need to get to Tuesday Morning and get a whole lot more decorated boxes so we don't look like we belong on the Naughty List to all our friends! :-) I have done real trees, but they're so much work! I'm always afraid of a fire. I guess that could happen with a faux tree, too, but I think the likelihood is less. I never do the tree the same way from year-to-year, so I take all the ornaments off so I can start fresh the next year. I guess it would be the same with a fresh tree. Sigh! Decisions, decisions! I'm betting on colored lights here next year, too. Dr. Nichols has been giving me the eyebrow! :-)


Gorgeous tree dear Marlis. I love all the ornaments you have in it, it's so elegant and regal. I also do the dummy gifts until is all filled all over the house even and by the Nativity too! Faux gifts are so warm and your are wrapped beautifully. My tree is faux, hubby doesn't want a real tree anymore, he says I kill it during the holiday season, lol! Anyway it keeps the house cleaner. Thanks for coming to my kitchen, you always make my day. Happy holidays.

Gina said...

Your tree looks beautiful! I love the candles. I have a few myself,but I haven't put them on in a few years now. Maybe it's time to dig them out. :)
I think the boxes under the tree are an excellent idea & pretty too!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I love your pretty boxes too! We do a fresh tree that usually goes up on the twelfth of Dec. by tradition because it is my son's birthday. We're late, but this year it's going to be outside. I hope you get to see it. The little fake tree in my dining room came from my shop and is just so convenient and small. (Glad you like it. I loved your comment!) Your tree has a wonderful variety of pretties on it. I like white lights too! Gorgeous!

On Crooked Creek said...

What a gorgeous Tree!!!
I L O V E Christmas Trees...especially those with clear, bright lights!!! Ours On Crooked Creek are always faux, due to my allergies! Regan, like our beloved Maurice, appreciates the added "warmth" the lights give off!!!
Your boxes are stunning!!! When our children were litttle the "tradition" was NO PRESENTS until after they were in bed on Christmas Eve!!! Usually our tree is up after Thanksgiving and before my Dec. 5th birthday...but as I age...some begin as early as All Hollow's Eve!!!


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