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Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday: This and that and the other

Blue hour at the Lubbock BBQ cook-off last weekend
Wow, I'm a CSN preferred blogger! Total Excitement on my part. Which is good news - must be I spent a wee bit of time in their many on-line stores! Sweet husband keeps looking at dining sets, so I showed him the ones HERE. Now he's spending time on CSN too.

Stay tuned.. I'll be featuring and reviewing a cool item in the near future.. not quite sure which I'll pick, but you know it's going to be the cat's meow!
BSF headquarters

Last night we had our information and planning meeting for our evening Bible Study Fellowship class that will start this fall. Lubbock already has a great day class going but for those of us who work, well we NEED this evening class. BSF has totally changed and revamped my life so I'm very excited to be part of the prayer warriors to get this going. Click the above link and find out what it's all about - it's non denominational, intensive study, and a great way to meet other Christian women! The evening classes also have classes for school-aged children! Contact me if you want to chat about it or are interested.
Today starts my husband's 45th class reunion. Wow, he's getting up there in age... sssh, don't tell anyone, but next week is his medicare party!!! Regardless, the festivities start this evening at the First Friday Art Trail. Continue tomorrow with set for the party tomorrow evening, a tour of the old High School and the event tomorrow evening.

 And then I found this Orb weaver on the side of our house by our bedroom window. He's not harmful, but he could make me hurt myself!

As with anything else, it's either feast or famine! At our house, it's feast right now.. so much going on and so little time to get it all done:
Class reunion
My favorite newly wed's bd
Teaching 3 scrapping or soldering classes!
Granddaughter's bd
Husband's bd
Medicare party
Going visiting later this month
let's add learning a new phone (finally got my smart phone)

As the saying goes: Idle hands are the devil's workshop.. Be blessed and come back soon!


Entertaining Women said...

BSF is indeed an amazing study. I did it many years ago. I understand that there is a new study this year on Isaiah. Maybe the Lord will lead me back again for that study the next time around. I'm not familiar with CSN. I'm on my way to check it out! Cherry Kay

xinex said...

You sure are a busy lady, Marlis.I was almost a reviewer for CSN too but I was away on a trip and I forgot to respond to Ashley's email....Christine

The Tablescaper said...

You're sure busy, I can so relate! Thanks so much for your comments.

- The Tablescaper

Jacqueline said...

I just attended my 35th class reunion last weekend. Graduated from Wisconsin, but they decided to have fun and have it in San Diego as one classmate's husband runs a motel there. It was so much fun and I hadn't been there for 29 years and hadn't had a great experience the first time around. I loved it.

I was impressed with your list, if I wrote it all down I would get exhausted! We just get busier don't we. Enjoy your Bible study, that sounds really fun. It is wonderful to study with other Christian women in a world that seems to have gone mad! It really helps to know there are other great people out there when the media would have you believe otherwise.


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