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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Plants, plants and more plants….

Thanks for all the great suggestions for shade loving plants…
Let me share the list with you:

Hellebores .. look at the beautiful courtyard my friend Gail has. The hellebores are the plants towards the back with the white blooms. Her pictures are simply awesome. Thanks for sharing your lovely space.

Also known as the Lenten Rose, I will be finding a couple of these! Thanks Gail!

Helen recommends that I find some Ajuga plants. Those should work too. Great low groundcover. And there are lots and lots of varieties. Some are quite colorful.

Did you know there are shade loving Geraniums? I didn’t. but there is a variety called a Hardy Geranium that will do well in the shade. And I thought our other neighbors just kept changing out plants!!

I think I’ll be planting some Astilbe along the back fence. That is if I can find the red color. Pink won’t do as well in our yard. If not red, then some white.

I tried Columbine once. Maybe I need to give it another try. I planted it in dappled sunlight and it did rather well, but it did not overwinter! And it’s supposed to. Where did I fail?

The list continues with




Coral Bells

Aphrodite Plantain ( in the Hosta family)

Bleeding hearts

Nettles - don't these make you itch?

Check back in a couple of weeks and I'll show you what's been planted!

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