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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Had 'sew' much fun in Arlington!

Last Friday I decided it was time to do something for myself! And it was sew worth it. Got up really early Friday morning and drove to Arlington to Martha's Sewing Market. It's been at least 10 years since I've been at this event, but used to see everyone there twice a year at Martha's School of Art Fashion in Huntsville, Alabama. Click here to shop Martha's, see her embroidery designs, and register for some great classes at her sewing schools.
One of the perpetually smiling faces that greeted me was my shoe shopping buddy Patty Smith. Way before I ever met this gracious lady, I was wearing her designs. Her books are no longer in print but we decided we might need to revive the "bow skirt" and make the bow in the skirt in proportion to the size we used to wear to the size we wear now! Bad idea... but it gave us quite a few laughs.
My friend Connie Palmer. An incredibly talented, super nice, beautiful person. Her work is exquisite. Years ago, we used to teach in classrooms next to one another at Martha's schools and became fast friends. Our rooms connected and the passage way doors were always open for a quick "do you have", "can I borrow", "how's it going". I miss her plenty. We planned on having dinner (if everything went well) at market and it all worked out. Patty, Connie and I had a blast at Pappadeux's.. finished off by the fireworks over Ranger field in Arlington. Sew fitting! Thank you dear friends for making the time. Be sure to check out Connie's website!
Gloria McKinnon from Anne's Glory Box. She is one of just a few crazy quilt queens. And lucky me, I get to count her as a friend. She traveled from down-under Australia to be here at the show. She's doing something special with Martha this coming Monday. Can't say, but it involves printed material! She carries the most exquisite silk ribbon for silk ribbon embroidery, picture transfers to silk, and her projects are just to dye for - pun intended.
Another dear friend and super talent is Kathy Harrison. Her Custom Keepsakes embroidery designs are top notch! Oh, they will just make you drool. A very talented lady used her embroidery patterns to make the most gorgeous dress in the competition. You'll see it later on.
Martha's had the biggest booth full of delicious things. I bought a fabric glue stick. Well Connie convinced me I needed it. LOL. and a refill. This week, I'll order on line. Let's see pink linen, white linen, tatting, mmmm. I have an idea. ;-)
I'll share with you just a few of the beautiful garments hanging up for display.. Isn't this a darling little girl's outfit. The tiny buttons just make it. I'm such a sucker for mini gingham!
Sorry about the bad photo.. I truly am, because IMHO this was one of the most beautiful entries to be judged. The closeup below is better. The hem of the dress was beautifully embroidered using a design by Kathy Harrison. Everything was perfectly in proportion, exquisitely constructed and just simply stunning.
Here's a close up of the top. Insertion laces, entredeux, beautiful stitches just make me drool.
Isn't this crazy patch angel beautiful. Maybe it was the colors that drew me to it, or the trims - don't know. but it's adorable.
Pinstitched lace squares filled with pintucking. Deliciousness by machine,
Oh look at the embroidery on this piece. I would love to wear this garment. I have that pattern somewhere. Mmm, I remember it's in a big pattern package. I'll have to go looking.
A fully embroidered wall hanging. It's so beautiful. Click the picture to see the closeups..
Now how cute is this!!! Sweet doll clothes and so beautifully sewn that it just makes you want to cry.
First I laughed. Then I fell in love. I laughed because the only kitchen apron was next to the fire hose sign. Is this a sign? Nonetheless. The apron is so cute. Aprons are so hot now. But with just two of us at home, although we cook often, it's not the elaborate meals that I once cooked.
Funny thing, I haven't lost my touch at matching embroidery designs with their authors. This cute kitty is by Loralei designs.
And who can resist a bustier into which I might get 1/3 of my torso! beautiful hand work. All the beading was done by hand. Sew beautiful.

And I finally laid hands on the latest and greatest Bernina machine. I have just put myself on a very strict budget so that I too can have this wonder of all wonders. It is a machine that surpasses any expectations. Son said he'll build the perfect work top! Cannot wait. The hardest thing about not working in the sewing industry is missing all the great toys. (other than the people let's get that straight right off) I had the best toys. And this one, well, it will be coming home, but it might take a while. It was quiet, and intuitive and with a finger flick on the screen, I was able to make it do what I want. Superbly done Bernina!

Then Saturday had breakfast and lunch with our son and headed back home. This was just the icing on the beautiful cake made Friday. We missed you Peggy and Charlotte and Gail. You being there would have made the circle complete. Next time.

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Faith said...

THe next time you do something for yourself like going to a sewing retreat, let me know. Would love to join you and go too. Faith


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