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Monday, September 17, 2012

The sewing room is taking shape

Welcome to the redo of this room. I am turning it back into my studio/sewing room. It used to be an extra bedroom, but since the boychild has removed his furniture.. I got the room back!!!

Isn't this transition just lovely? Oh yeah.. so much had to be removed from the room and the hallway seemed the natural choice. Wouldn't this be a great shot for "Hoarders"?

 This is really the hardest piece to move.. I have two Horn sewing cabinets and a file cabinet under the solid core door. This piece has worked so well for about 20 years. Once I had that where I wanted it (it is getting skirted cause really who wants to look at that?), then I used blue painters tape to place the remaining pieces of furniture on the floor. I use the tape to outline the pieces and see how that will work for traffic flow and efficiency. That to me is the greatest tip of all time. I sometimes photoshop furniture into pictures to see the look, but for existing pieces you know you are using, this is just great!

Then my sweet husband went into building mode. These cube pieces came from Target. They are relatively sturdy and serve my purpose totally. My son volunteered to build shelves, but that would have taken time and I was into instant gratification. After the first 3 sets (there are nine cubes in one unit), my husband wondered if I would have enough to fill up the shelves. See the second photo.

Since there is still so much to do in here, You'll be getting snippets today. I need to order curtains, find some rods for art displays, a new desk lamp, skirt the desk, I do want my son to build a new cutting table, need to hang art work, and continue to purge excess supplies. But I do love how this looks. Oh the empty cubbies are now all filled and more fabric has been added.

I found this painter's tray at an auction for a pittance. Of course it came home with me. It's housed many things in it's time. This time around it's the keeper of some photos and lots of religious artifacts and other travel odds and ends.

I had to make room for my mom's Horn sewing cabinet. It's great for the second machine! Next to it sits an antique German thread cabinet that was a gift from my godmother. I love all the drawers and compartments for housing all those pesky little things.

 Some favorite things sit on top of the unit. I could have gotten a larger 12 cube unit, but that would have left me with no display room. I really wanted to have a spot for some pictures, my mom's doll wardrobe, and the few books that are too large for the cubes.

A few items in the cubbies themselves. This last photo is of two projects on which I'm currently not working. My son wants his Texas placemats!!

 Now just what's in those sweet "drawers" made for this cube system you ask? Well let me show you! One has antique lace on boards, one has lace each in it's own plastic bag. I had to untangle that mess from a tub! Not happening again.

 This antique German snap box holds my buttons, however all white ones are in the crystal jar!

 One holds anything in a can: 505 spray, starch, gold paint, glue, etc...  And another holds all the note cards I am going to send.

And then there are paints, inks, stickles, glitter.. ooh the mess!

So far. I'm quite pleased with the progress.

As is Regan. He thinks the desk is his new habitat! Put there just for him. He can guard me, watch the door and see outside. A heavenly perch.

He's also got to keep an eye on this little one. Yes, softy husband has started feeding this malnourished little one. If we can ever get him/her to trust us, then I think Regan might just have a playmate.

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Your sewing room is amazing Marlis! Looks like a dream!

Infuse With Liz said...

Wow I love it! That's a big job! I like the idea of the cubes...quick and easy! Good motto! Isn't that funny that hubby didn't think you could fill in all the cubes!! What a great wall of resource you've created!
It's nice to be able to look at everything and decide on what you want to use without pulling out all sorts of storage items. Great job!

Alycia Nichols said...

Wow! Taking shape indeed!!!! This is really looking great, Marlis! I am so jealous!!! I can actually see my skin turning green! :-) This is going to be such a great space for you!!! I LOVE the cubes with the sporadic drawers!!! GREAT storage! Silly husband wondering if you would have enough to fill all those spaces! :-)

RhondaBuss said...

What a great room. Love all the cubby holes. Great way to see all that you have and you put it all together in such a creative way.

On Crooked Creek said...

Oh, dear friend...now that you've organized everything in its place...those creative juices are going to be working on overdrive!!! Love Regan's perch!!!
EnJOY your newly organized creative space...your studio!!!

Mona said...

Marlis, I love your sewing room redo...


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