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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Quilt Wall in the Sewing Studio

Well we did figure it out! I wanted a way to hang quilts that would eliminate nail holes in the wall and give me maximum flexibility. I found some on line, but they were pricey, or not as long as I wanted. I was thinking curtain rod. Son went and bought a pipe from the hardware store. 8 bucks. yep. and he found curtain rings that fit. 3/4" rod, 1" rings. with clips. Perfect. Then to hang it. Well for now we use curtain rod hangers. I am not too fond of that since they keep the quilts too far from the wall. So I've ordered these:
from Blindparts.com They will bring the rod closer to the wall just like I want it.  sigh.
I thought I'd start the display with one of my favorite memory type quilts. A bookcase quilt that was so popular a long time ago. The pictures are printed onto a fabric that has been treated to accept the ink from a printer. The books on the shelves represent some of my favorites, at least at the time. And the small quilted piece is one of Jenny Haskins's throw aways... I salvaged it, embellished it and bound it!
Her it is a little larger.

 A Sue Box embroidery design enlarged 200%. 

My initials embroidered on Ultra-Suede and then carefully cut out and sewn to the piece.

 These were the days. Looks like a company Christmas party in Chicago.

 The cabin we had in Mora, NM that we sold cause I was never home.. Regrets!

 The boys. I love this picture of my two sweet sons. They aren't that little anymore, Cute yes, but not little. 36 and 31. Where has the time gone!!

This quilt being smaller needed to hang not quite so high up towards the ceiling. I purchased some chain (well I had it from when I would hang quilts at quilt shows) and suspended the quilt from the curtain clips.

 This quilt displays some of my favorite quilt show and other pins.

My dear friend Karen Sherman made this for one of the programs at which I was to present. Just darned ran out of time to make it myself.

 I also hung this pin board made out of a baking tray from the dollar store. They used to have them in black. You could spray paint it. Threaded a ribbon through it to hang it. I used an antique drawer pull as a hanger. It's in two parts, so use a longer nail in the wall and then place the backing plate on first and then the knob part. You could also glue the two pieces together. Now isn't that a striking hanger?

On a small quilt hanger, a quilt made to remind us of a tragedy that affects so many of us, men and women. Please give, donate and help where you can. You will never know when it might strike close to home.  

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!


Pat said...

What a wonderful post, Marlis. I enjoyed so much!

Great idea for hanging your beautiful quilts.

Kuby said...

Marlis, this is a great post. All of your work is stunning. I absolutely love it. I recognize the 730, I have a 200 updated to a 730. I sold so many of those when I had my shop. It was and still is a great machine. I miss your articles in "Through the Needle" I wish you were still writing for them.


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