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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dreaming in Tartan

It's a tartan/plaid parade!

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This  year I finally got my most desired dishes - Lenox Holiday Tartan!!
I had been coveting wanting this set of dishes for a while.
Then One King's Lane had them and I hem-hawed  around.....
but not for long..

Today I put them on some plaid placemats.
I found these when we were cleaning out my mother's things.
We had spotted them at the same time at TJMaxx a decade ago.
I caved, she bought them and now I have them.... they still had price tags!!!
12 placemats, 12 napkins.....

Plan on using my red goblets and the etched wines....

Loving how the tartan ribbon swirls through the fruit.

To see some Christmas tartan, click HERE, HERE, or HERE.

I also have some plaid for a manly table...

I made these placemats and the napkin rings out of men's shirts.. 
Each placesetting is a different shirt.
The sleeve cuffs became the napkin rings.
Embroidered with names and motifs... each is unique.

And my son Michael has this mom-made quilt. Out of fabric from my resource center (stash),
the guy's old shirts, and some unmentionables....

My son also sleeps with blackwatch! It's a tartan, it's a duvet, it encases his
down comforter... although... we have moved on to just sheets already...
Sweet tartan dreams!

Linking up to the parties and to Seasonal Sunday over at the Tablescapers!


Barbara F. said...

Hi Marlis, I love your new dishes. I think your man tablescape is awesome, love how you sued shirts to make napkins. Very very creative! xo

Entertaining Women said...

You and I need to compare our "lists". We have the same patterns on our lists over and over. I have the Schumann, "Empress Dresden Flowers", which I know is on your list, and I've been watching for the Tartan Plaid for quite a while. Great get! I adore all your plaid elements! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your new dishes are beautiful Marlis! The placemats are a fun idea and I love the plaid quilt:@)

Karena said...

Marlis you are so special. I love it all especially your creativity!The Tartan Plaid is gorgeous.

I hope you will Come and enter my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway!

Art by Karena

Mary said...

Marlis~ So happy that you received your most desired dishes! LOVE your men's shirts placesettings! SO clever~ I love the embroidery & cuff sleeves! I would happily snuggle up in your mom-made quilt~ too wonderful... Sweet Tartan Dreams Indeed!

Diane said...

What a luck girl you are, I have loved Lenox Tartan china for a long, long time - your place setting looks stunning. All your tartan is awesome! Diane

Denise said...

Hi Marlis,

I would love to have these dishes, too. I looked at them on-line this past Christmas, but too many other things we need at the moment. :)

This is a great tartan plaid table setting, and those place mats you made are sooo cute. Extremely clever of you!

I also love your son's black watch plaid duvet cover. The Black Watch is one of my favorite plaids, even though it's not as colorful as some of the others. Our family tartan is very similar -- maybe that's why I like it.

I've been meaning to visit you for ages, Marlis. Things have been so busy around here that I've gotten behind on my comments. I hope you've fully recovered now from your fall.

I enjoyed your plaid post and hope you have a great weekend!

Denise at Forest Manor

Sarah said...

Marlis, your sweet tartan dreams are making me smile. So happy you got the dishes. They are lovely! Love the mom made quilt and your clever napkin rings. Great idea! Thanks for joining the Tartan Parade. Mr. Linky will be up at 1 AM Sunday.
~ Sarah


Congrats! Isn't fabulous when we finally find JUST WHAT WE WANT??!! your dishes are gorgeous! Tartan is great, and you did such a pretty job with the napkins. Wow Marlis, so happy for you. Hugs,

Maria said...

Oh, Marlis! I love this china, too! I cannot wait to see your Christmas tablescape next holiday! All that wonderful plaid running through your house has me drooling. I find flannel classical and cozy. I love it in my boys' rooms except my oldest has now moved on to solids. Congratulations on getting your beautiful china!

Anonymous said...

Hi! love your Holiday Tartan dishes!
Happy Tartan Day!

suzyq said...

How cool are those shirt placemats!! How clever of you to make something like that!
Just gotta love that tartan!

bj said...

Your dishes are awesome, Marlis. So pretty. And those plac emats out of shirts are waaay too cute.

Maggie said...

What a delightful post for the Tartan Parade. The place mats made from shirts are amazing, so clever, and I love the quilt you made from old shirts & unmentionables!
Enjoy the parade!

Kathleen said...

First, I have those dishes too, and never thought of using them for this! I got mine at the Lenox Outlet, 10 bucks a plate, then a coupon for 20 off.. If you did better, don't tell me~ You know how I hate to be out bargained! :)
I love what you did with the shirts! So clever, you talented gal!
This is a great Tartan post. I was stumped!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

As a Scottish Gunn by marriage I am mad for plaid. Your darling post made me truly blissfully crazy! :)

I linked up an oldie but goodie to play along here:


Happy Tartan Day!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Marlis, Those Lenox dishes are my very favorite Christmas dishes ever, but I resist them. I'm glad I didn't know they were at OKL or I would have been compelled to buy. How nice it is that you have the placemats from your mom. And you won't believe this, but I am working on an idea for Father's Day using plaid napkins and old shirts (and ties)! I'm going back to inspect your shirt cuff napkin rings! Linda
p.s. your package is in my front hall, waiting to go. Do you think I can manage to get it mailed this week????

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Beautiful plaid!

Happy Tartan celebration!!

Scribbler said...

I love this whole post! So glad you got your desired dishes -- I really like that pattern, too. I think it is discontinued? so you got a wonderful buy. So special to find the placemats and napkins in your mother's stash.

The placemats and rings and the quilt you made from shirts has just given me some wonderful ideas. I need to be quintuplets to get it all done. I have been hoarding my husband's old jeans for slipcovers ever since I saw some on a Norwegian blog. I think that chairs covered with old jeans and a table set with with these mats would be soooo cool.

You always inspire me.

Alycia Nichols said...

These are all such great ideas!!! It's neat that you were able to find those wonderful tartan placemats & napkins when cleaning out your Mom's things. They not only look good, but they have a memory attached to them. The placemats created from men's shirts are just the ultimate in creative! Most men couldn't give a flip about placemats and such, but I don't think they would be able to resist something like this! They are really special!!! Score!!!

Kuby said...

I love the dishes! The tartan place-mats are wonderful. The male place-mats are genius! They are a great idea! Do you have batting inside? The napkin ring idea is just so cool.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Marlis!
You are amazing! I am so impressed by your men's shirts turned placemats and napkins rings. Di you embroider all the scenes and names on your machine?
Wow! They are so unusual and really terrific.

Those plates with the plaid ribbons were worth the wait. I love them too.

Thanks so much for joining the parade and for sharing all these great uses of plaids, Marlis!


Salmagundi said...

Great Stuff! I'm really impressed with the men's shirts/placemats. You are so creative. Sally

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

I've always loved the Lenox Holiday Tartan. I'm glad you finally bought it! I can't take my eyes off the great men's shirts made into placemats. That must have taken you some serious time!!

Stitchfork said...

Gotta love Tartans Marlis, but I am admiring your cowboy-style place settings too! So creative!
xo Cathy

The French Hutch said...

Hi Marlis, I am drooling now over your Lenox Tartan. I love your place mats with such wonderful memories with the Lenox pattern. I'm also drooling over the adorable shirt place mats in your manly tablescape. How adorable? The blue plaid looks great with the brown in the chinal Great tartan post.
Happy Easter Marlis.

The French Hutch

Liz@A Dish Here, A Glass There said...

Wow Marlis you are so talented! Love the shirt placemats you made! Your new dishes are lovely and I really like the placemats and napkins- what a great find and a lovely memory. I have a few of those "Mom" bought things and at the time it seemed like no biggie but down the road it will mean even more. Looks like your son's bad is wrapped in love too! Happy Tartan parading!

Liz@A Dish Here, A Glass There said...

Ooops! Your "sons bed" not bad!! LOL.. should have checked before I hit the publish button!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Love your plaids. Those placemates are so creative! Those dishes look like they'll be enjoyed for many happy family celebrations.

Karen said...

Hi Marlis,
I am a dish-aholic and have never seen the Lenox pattern you've shown us. How pretty. This could be dangerous, I already have a boat load of Spode Christmas Tree...maybe I could argue that those are more casual and that a fine china could come in handy.

xinex said...

Love your tartan post, Marlis. Love the dishes!....Christine

A Cottage in the Clouds said...

Congratulations on your new china. I've always loved that pattern. It looks great with the plaid placemats. It appears your mother saved those placemats for you after all - very sweet.
The shirt placemats are adorable. You are so creative!

Linda said...

Marlis, your dishes are beautiful. I adore the pattern on them. I don't have any plaid dishware. Thanks for sharing, especially your plaid quilt.

Babs said...

Marlis, I have coveted Lenox Holiday Tartan for years and every time I think I can "justify" buying it, I decide not. I keep saying it's because I don't have a dining room to do it justice. I love yours with the tartan placemats, and the "manly" places settings is adorable. I LOVE them. How fun! Thanks for sharing your lovely Lenox. I'll just drool over yours for a while. Happy Tartan Day!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Hi Marlis,
I LOVE that Lenox china too! It's so elegant yet sporty also!
NOW, THAT SHIRT as a placemat,etc is the CUTEST THING "EVER"!
Your sons bed looks NICE and COMFY!!!
Happy Easter to you and yours,
Big Hugs,


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