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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Monday photo of the week - Fall roses

Our entryway. 
Softly lit. 
Horsehair pottery filled with grasses and sunflowers. 
A rustic pumpkin filled with roses, ranunculas, and what looks like a southern hemisphere type thing and some darling berries.  
Sweet Mr. CJ brought them home on Saturday.

I am truly blessed. 
May your week be the same - blessed.

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your comments and would love visit you back!


Miss Char said...

Marlis, what a beautiful vignette. Its nice to see fall flowers in such vibrant colors and the vessels are perfect for this time of year. Thanks for sharing.

Karena said...

Marlis so beautiful and creative!! I love it!!Being a Kansas girl I love the sunflowers of course!

I would love your thoughts on my Autumn decor so far, oh and I have a new giveaway as well!


Art by Karena

Kuby said...

Oh Marlis, what a beautiful display. As always inviting and spectacluar. Thank you. The picture stirs up such happy feelings! Thanks for sharing your blessings.

Mary said...

Beautiful vignette Marlis~ I adore Ranunculas! I bet they're as lovely as they are in your photo effect!

Debbie said...

The whole thing is pretty, and the roses are just beautiful! They do look fallish.

The pumpkin and vine vase is really beautiful too.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Very pretty, Marlis. I just love ranunculas, and they are perfect in that arrangement. Happy Fall to you, too, my friend!

Thanks for your well wishes, and we finally did get some relief from the constant wind, Yesterday it was as if someone flipped a switch to calm, blue skies and sunshine. The funny thing is, I normally love wind. I go out in it and relish it. But this literally never stopped blowing at about 20-25 mph (or higher) with these giant sustained gusts of up to 40-45 and in some places 50 MPH. That was interspersed with rain. Even in a Nor'easter we get a break after about a day or two, but this seemed to go on forever. LOL!

I was sitting next to the window in the living room, and I have these giant banana plants there. The leaves were being violently whipped and looked like they had been run through a paper shredder. LOL! And between that and the palm tree rustling and rattling and the shutters rattling and banging, the noise became unnerving. Normally intrepid Floridians (and their pets) started to come unhinged. I talked to people up and down the East Coast of Florida who all were fit to be tied. It was as if someone let the inmates out of the asylum.

Now, I'm no wuss. I have ridden out hurricanes and felt our frame house actually strain against itself (it's made it through several in its 120 year old life), and I have lived through Nor'easters and tropical storms that did more damage than hurricanes and blew rain parallel to the ground with driving winds and whistling around the eaves like nobody's business, but I have never in all my born days gone through anything that nerve wracking. Even the multiple hurricanes that hit Florida in a row a few years back. This was something designed by the same folks who designed Chinese water torture. LOL!

Aside from my ears still ringing, all is right with the world today. Lots and lots of sunshine and blue skies. God is smiling, and the breeze is resting!

Have a wonderful week and a great beginning to fall. Hope Texas gets some much needed water!



Geneva said...

I really like your photo of the week. I've been studying it trying to figure out how you get such wonderful textures in your image... it's very pretty!

xinex said...

Beautiful photo effect, Marlis...Christine

Jo's This and That said...

Beautiful! Looks like a painting,Thanks for sharing. Joann


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