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Friday, October 21, 2011

Finally the bedroom gets drapes!! The rest is still in progress.

I finally did it! Two years ago I saw these drapes at Ballard's Designs.
I pondered. I mulled. I debated.
I asked on my blog.
I ordered drapes!
3 years with a window over our head (there is no other spot for the bed).

I know the drapes are covering part of the window. I'm okay with that. 
I also hung them up just beneath the ceiling to visually raise the height of the ceiling.

The table was my mother in law's. I think it has to be about 65 years old, but I like the airiness of the piece in front of the window. Only one rocker will stay.. the other has a home elsewhere when the we can decide on the fabric for the new chair in the living room. (totally convoluted I know)

I love this old Howe treadle machine! The shoe plates are some of my favorite pieces and they remind me of a very special lady, who I'd like to be more like! Thanks Gayle.

All the junk decor pieces are displayed on these shelves in our bedroom. Lots of family pictures (ooh just found out that is bad feng shui. Oh well. And I need to declutter. And we still need new nightstands. And that blasted ceiling fan is history when I can find a ceiling hugger light I like.

I have fabric ordered from Ballard's to recover the neckroll pillow and to accent the smaller embroidered one. My mom crocheted the bedspread. Those pillow slips were part of my mother's dowry. Did you know that bed and table linens usually sported the wife's maiden initials?

Thanks for droppin in.. I appreciate your visit, leave a comment so I can visit you back. 
Regan is getting back to his nap now...


Barbara F. said...

Marlis, your bedroom is beautiful, the heirloom bedding is priceless! I also have major "feng shui issues" in my bedroom and not much I can do about it either. I will have to do a post and get some ideas from the creative minds in Blogdom. xo

Alycia Nichols said...

Your Mom crocheted that huge bedspread?!??! Talent runs in the family!!! My goodness, Marlis! That is one of the most beautiful bedspreads I have ever seen!!! I think it's the "3-D" look that attracts me so. I think I'll have to berate my sister this evening when she's here for her birthday dinner for not having crocheted me something like that! In fact, I'm going to make SURE she sees it! You have beaten me to the master bedroom drapes. I am STILL looking for just the right thing for several rooms in our home. I just can't commit to anything. You've given me inspiration, though, to get my hips in gear and make a decision. Yours look great! Are you SURE you don't want a ceiling fan after the summer you guys had there in Texas???!?! We don't have one in our bedroom which is on the top floor of the house, and we COOKED this past summer! I am looking for the perfect lighted ceiling fan...something in an oil-rubbed bronze, I think. We saw a couple while out on the Fall Home Tour that I liked. You have a great view through your windows where the chairs are. Nice BIG windows.

Entertaining Women said...
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Entertaining Women said...

To be honest, I've always been in the "feng shui, My Aunt Fannie" corner. I love the way that you've used the beautiful new window treatment to create a backdrop for your headboard...a fabric wall, if you will. All you need to add is a marvelous antique wood coronet (at least, that's what I call them. ) a la Charles Faudree. It's fit for a queen. Thanks for inviting us to take a peek at your project. I pick out fabrics, and think about them so long that they're discontinued by the time I go to buy them...sigh. You can usually see them sitting on the "Santa Claus chair" that sits in the corner of my living room. Been making preparations to reupholster that chair for years. Cherry Kay

October 21, 2011 12:51 PM

Lana K. W. Austin said...

That bedspread is a TREASURE with you mom's talent creating it!! And I LOVE your curtains....I've eyed those myself in Ballard's!!!! I love your monogrammed pieces...you know how I feel about vintage linens--SWOON!!! Have a blessed week, sweet friend!


Miss Char said...

What!!!? What!!!? Your mom made that spread, holy cow I'm speechless. Well almost, that is beyond any words I could come up with in regards to its beauty and elegance.

The drapes look fabulous and look perfect with that most beautiful of bed coverings.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You have a beautiful bedroom! Those drapes are wonderful! I like all the family mementos, special touches!


Dianne said...

Marlis, Your bedroom looks wonderful and how wonderful to have that beautiful bedspread made by your Mother. it is simply amazing. So nice to see Regan again. Dianne

Anita said...

Marlis, it looks so grand and what a focal point! Love the drapes too!! And the bedding is such a treasure!! Thanks for stopping by and for entering the contest!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

I do not like it. I absolutely LOVE it. I think the drapes are beautiful and love the way you hung them so high. That is a gorgeous room. I love your style.

Scribbler said...

I really enjoyed seeing all your beautiful linens, etc. The draperies look wonderful -- I have been eyeing those for a long time, but couldn't justify because I already had some solid black ones (for my office studio). I do have a chair upholstered in that fabric in there, though.

I am with Cherry Kay on the Feng Shui nonsense. I know people who would not move so much as a vase one little centimetre without consulting their chart. Silly!

I have been thinking of getting my crocheted spread off the balcony rail where I have kept it for a while, and putting it on our bed. Seeing yours, I think this is exactly what I am going to do.

Zuni said...

Hi, Marlis. The bedspread and pillow covers alone were worth visiting you today :). Wow! What treasures!! Your curtains look wonderful; they surely make a statement in your bedroom. Thanks for visiting me and your nice comments on my Thanksgiving Table Dress Rehearsal :) .

Meredith said...

That is the prettiest bedspread. I can't believe your mother's talent...gorgeous! I love the curtains.

Sue said...

Marlis, I love the way the drapes form the backdrop for your headboard and that fantastic bedspread! It is gorgeous and you are so lucky to have something like that. ~ Sue


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