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Monday, August 8, 2011

My favorite embroidered skirt - Monday Photo of the Week

Some time ago, I was asked what was my favorite item I've ever made. I had to think long and  hard about this. And then I decided I couldn't just lump all things together, I had to categorize. Today I'll show you my favorite "personal" item. Something I made just for myself with no thought as to what it would sell, how it best used a Bernina product, etc.. 

Here it is, my favorite skirt. Actually there is a silk underskirt with a purchased lace trim along the bottom (the long lace you see) and then an embroidered overskirt made of English cotton netting, embroidered with Madeira rayon thread (ooh such a favorite thread!!!) all stabilized with a "melt-away" stabilizer. It took forever to  complete the embroideries! I even had to find a second source for the stabilizer as I ran out during the process!

I spent 5 weeks in Chicago helping train Bernina dealers to use the Bernina embroidery software. So in the evenings, I put the embroidery machine to good use. Sue Box embroidery designs are some of my favorites!

The silk ribbon I used for the waistband and the English cotton netting both came from Martha Pullen Co.This garment along with an embroidered top was featured in a long ago edition of Sew Beautiful magazine. Darned I might have to unpack those!]

I was inspired by Jenny Haskins. She is a most talented Australian to whom I not only aspire to copy every thing she makes,, but she's also my friend. I am truly blessed. She had a lace skirt with a Victorian "skirt lifter". But at the time I couldn't find one so I created this sweet brooch to pull up part of the skirt.

 A photo taken long ago (Phoenix, AZ) when it was hot hot hot, just like now. I'll tell you about the top some other time. I still want that chair that sat outside the Bernina Connection Bernina store! I also remember bringing home a mesquite block with inlaid turquoise from the local cooking store.. Oh there were some great benefits to traveling!!

I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past! I am very appreciative of your visit and look forward to reading your kind comments. Stay tuned Wednesday for a Garden Party Tablescape!


Sydnee said...

I remember that.... it is so beautiful....and looked wonderful on you...You have such a great talent and are missed in this industry...

Atticmag said...

So pretty Marlis with such lovely attention to detail. My sewing is so utilitarian I so admire your talent. Thanks for dropping by. Jane F

Miss Char said...

I'm speechless Marlis, this is just a beautiful piece.

Tanya@takesix said...

Oh. My. Goodness. You are one talented lady! Absolutely beautiful!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Absolutely stunning. You are one talented lady!

Rettabug said...

Oh HOW PRETTY!!! Ooozing lace & sheer goodness & gorgeous attachments...I'm in Heaven!
LOVE the photo of you in AZ & I agree, you should have stolen that chair. Really cool looking!

I have some very similar long lace in my stash, just waiting for the perfect project. Someday. *sigh*

Your embroideries are amazing & I also agree that Sue Box designs are awesome. Never ever had a problem with any of them.

Thanks for sharing this treasure, Marlis.


p.s. I hope you will join Cherry Kay & I in a "Tables For Two" party in the fall.

Debbie said...

It's simply gorgeous in every way, Marlis. I'm so envious of the ability to create such beautiful things.

Entertaining Women said...

Ooooh...now I want you to have a retreat in Lubbock (when the weather cools down) and invite some of us to come learn some sewing techniques. I have a Pfaff, and I've always wanted a Bernina...not to be disloyal to my Pfaff...it's a trusty little machine. I think that you could teach us about making neat table linens...right? Right! The skirt is a jewel. I hope that you still wear it! Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you'll join Rett and me for out Tables for Two Party in the Fall. I'll be eager to learn with whom you'll pair to create a design. Cherry Kay

xinex said...

You made that, Marlis? Wow! It is so adorable and you are so talented and you look so lovely in it....Christine


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