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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Heirloom Sewing in Texas - part 7c - the last one

 Religious vestments.. a beautiful job. 

 A Christmas tree skirt with embroidered panels and purchased trim.

A truly precise job putting the applique motif together. Great colors on the yellow mini check background.

 Another applique piece. The gold bias is purchased (?) and then applied. I have some and mine is actually iron on. but you still need to sew the edges for the perfect finished look. Great table runner, great use of color.

 This quilt is outstanding. This is another piece wherein all the blocks were embroidered individually and then sewn together to create the whole quilt look. A really great job putting the pieces together. The colors are amazing too. And perfect for the subject motif. 

 How much fun would that be in a dressing room?
 You know - a girl's just gotta have fun!

 A wonderful ensemble.

 Look at the detail of this sewing kit.. and the colors.. so dreamy. Would make me enjoy hand sewing!

 Look at this mantel cloth.. Wow. I'd be concerned getting it all lined up!

 A sweet design. Great color combo!

 Okay, now this is perfect alignment! 

and to finish off this series.. well what makes you smile more than something great for the kids or grandkids to play? This cute and darling and precious play mat.. it's got hook and loop tape on both pieces (quilt and animals). You can use it as a toss game and/or a sweet place to place a young child to attach and remove those cute animals!

Thanks so much for dropping in and spending time with me! I cherish your visits. 
Many Blessings.



My goodness Marlis, such a beautiful job on these things, I specially love the quilt with the oriental motif and the runner, just gorgeous! I just posted a vintage embroidery tablecloth you're going to like and I love to hand embroider myself. Lovely, thank you for sharing, have a nice and safe weekend. Hugs, FABBY


Thank you for your lovely visit and generous comments. I forgot to mention, that the tablecloth was a gift from my mil and it was hers, for my b'day several years ago, it was vintage than and it's vintage still, although I know how to cross stitch I havent made a tablecloth like this, this is a good idea. Thank you Marlis, I hope you're safe from Irene. Lots of hugs. FABBY

The Tablescaper said...

What amazing talent. Each so different and inspired.

- The Tablescaper

Maria said...

That Christmas tree skirt is so wonderful!

Dianne said...

Hi Marlis,
I have loved every post. That dressing room chair is so cheeky, I love it! Dianne

Take Six said...

Those pieces are absolutely amazing! What an accomplishment to be able to complete a project like that and then enjoy it! They are all gorgeous! Have a great week, Marlis!

Kuby said...

These submissions are exquisite! They are also excellent examples of photography! Thank you for sharing these. They surely will inspire all to create.

SavannahGranny said...

So neat!! Love the prissy chair! Ginger


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