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Monday, August 9, 2010

There is no new post because....

 There isn't a new post and won't be until I get some "power" because....

Saturday and Sunday - trip to Dallas to find curtains, which are still eluding us.. Guess that means I will have to sew.
Monday - work
Monday evening:
  • Regan pooped in the house
  • Husband dropped cell phone in water - not working still
  • Dropped mine and got the dreaded boot loader error (similar to a computer blue screen of death)
  • Took 30 minutes to get phone working again - Husband, I now need an IPhone
  • Not to mention names, but the "best" electronic store informed me that Toshiba does not warranty power cords and a new one is 100 bucks.
  • The new electronic store had one for 70 but wasn't sure which one i needed.
  • The first non resident Toshiba tech support person lied to me.
  • The second one said the problem was that Toshiba says my laptop is out of warranty but I have a receipt that says it's not. But he guaranteed me that they would replace the power supply if  I can get the warranty stuff straightened out. Wanna take bets on this one?

Tomorrow: call the warranty dept and straighten this mess out.
buy a new cell phone




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