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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Saturday... what's on your plate?

I think I'd rather be in this photo than tackling my to do list today....  and why do is it that I put so much onto the list that it seems ominous? Anyone else do that? Picture from Cancun.

To do:
Run an errand
Teach a make up class
find an empty box or tub
put all the stuff that I took out of the hutch that was in the guest room away...
mark that which is going into the garage sale (can't wait till another DML garage sale - it's got to go!)
go to the grocery store
fix dinner
buy some stuff to keep Regan out of the plants and actually use it
run to the post office
I think I'll take a nap instead.. Happy Saturday!


Entertaining Women said...

I'll be a small dot down on that gorgeous beach. I used to teach Time Management Courses, and my favorite tip was: Make a list of everything that you think that you need to do for the week. Then each day, do ONLY those things on the list that absolutely HAVE to be done. By the end of the week, you'll discover that 75% of your list really didn't need to be done anyway. Have a great weekend. Cherry Kay

Nancy's Notes said...

I am one that has to have a list, don't always do what's on my list, but at least I have it! Great photograph!

Enjoy your Saturday! Happy I found your blog!



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