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Monday, July 13, 2009

Creatively the Second Time Around - reworked wooden tray

It's Monday, so it must be some old made new again, something used differently than intended so it's Creatively the Second Time Around! Today I'm sharing with you, a tray that has been stained, stamped and decoupaged until it's become a family favorite. Supplies are pretty minimal, ephemera that you love (old postcards, postage and pictures of coins were used in this sample), StazOn ink, some stain, and a decoupage medium such as Mod Podge. Sand your old tray, stain the tray following instructions on your can of stain and then let it dry.
Layout your ephemera as you desire. Take a picture so you can remember what you decided on.
Gather some stamps that fit in with your emphemera. I chose to use anything French because my postcards are from France as are the postage and coins. Stamp the images (partial and whole) with solvent ink such as StazOn. Cover the piece pretty thoroughly to add more interest.
Don't forget the handles...
I took a screen shot of GoogleEarth Paris and made it into a tag.
Added some old postage and some copies of coins (the real things were too thick).
...and don't forget to stamp on the outside of the tray also.
Decoupage the ephemera in place. Seal with a spray seal coat. If you want a glass liner, then go to your nearest craft store with a framing department, they'll be glad to cut you one.

Enjoy and Be Creative!

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