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Monday, July 6, 2009

Creatively the Second Time Around - Handtowel bibs

Babies are just such fun! Fun to hold, fun to cuddle and it's totally fun to make something for a little one. Depending on size, one hand towel can possibly yield two baby bibs. For a pattern, click here.
Cut out the bib pattern from the handtowel. Embellish as desired. This little gem was embellished with a darling Suzie's Zoo embroidery design stitched on a Bernina artista 200.

Add a 1 1/2" wide strip of hook and loop tape to the curved ends with a straight stitch. Make sure that it covers the end completely. Trim the hook and loop tape to the shape of the pattern. Then use a binder attachment to apply a strip of bias fabric (cut to the exact measurements required by your size binder attachment) to the exposed edge of the bib. Overlap the ends to finish. Create a ribbon bow and attach with the button sew-on stitch on your machine.

Enjoy and Be Creative!

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