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Friday, July 10, 2009

Creative Fiber Fabrications - ribbon pillow

Ribbon, love that stuff! Although you will need quite a bit of ribbon for a pillow such as this one, it's totally worth it. I used a woven ribbon that had a wire edge on each side. Once the pillow is completed, the wires will be removed, however during the construction it facilitates the process, so leave it in.
The pillow is created by gathering one edge of the ribbon to form concentric circles. The inner circle is the tightest and creates the base around which the other ribbon circles are formed. Gather a length of ribbon, pulling the wire to gather one side very tight. Do not gather the outer edge. Form into a circle and overlap the beginning with the folded over end. Pin the center circle to a muslin backing. Then gather enough ribbon for the second circle, which will be a larger circle, and pin next to the center. Continue until your ribbon rounds are large enough for your pillow form. Sew the rounds together with monofilament thread and a small, inconspicuous zigzag stitch.
Fold over green ribbon to create 3 leaves. Attach to ribbon base. The rose center piece was made by running the wire edged ribbon through a ruffler attachment. If that is not available, pull up on one wire edge and wrap the ribbon around itself as you go. This might take a bit of practice, just don't over-think it! Tack the ribbon rose together on the back side.
Construct your pillow as you would any other pillow. Add decorative tassel trim to the outside edge when finished.

Enjoy! Be Creative!

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