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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Never too many orchids

It's our 47th Valentine's, aka the 47th anniversary of our second date. On that Valentine's day that many years ago my soon to be husband gave me 9 orchids and asked me to marry him.  I wish I had a picture. This year that sweet man bought me 12 dinner plates with orchids.  

Side Note: his dad had the largest orchid greenhouse between Dallas and Hawaii. That tidbit was learned later as we dated some more.

Hence, I have this thing for orchids. Apparently I'm more sentimental than I ever imagined. 

He really took me by surprise. Orchids on dishes. He does think we have "more than enough" dishes, but I guess I'd been yammering about these that I came across on Ebay for so long, he pulled the trigger. 
These are Rosenthal Winifred Orchid. Surrounded by the yellow rose of Texas, my favorite Lilies of the Valley and forget-me-nots this plate has moved itself to the top of my favorite list. The plate has a back stamp dating it to US Zone Germany 1946-1949. They are in absolutely perfect condition and arrived without one plate being shattered.

The cutlery is Community (Oneida) White Orchid. I had purchased it years ago at an estate sale on the half price day. They opened at 9 and I was there at 8:20am. I purchased it with the future in mind, as I bought them probably 8 years ago?? White Orchid was first produced in 1953 and the bill of sale included with this set is dated in 1953. It's as old as I am. 

I had previously used these Rosenthal Aida orchid plates on a table I did to showcase a tablecloth from a friend of mine. You should check out her linens here. They are wonderful!! I had the soup bowls, which I tend to use for salads as well, bread and butter plates and that was it. Then my sweet friend who had the rest of the pieces (dinner plates, salad plates, serving pieces) decided to let hers go and thus I now have 12 place settings of this china as well. At the time, I did not know about the others on their way :). These date from 1953 to 1956. 

Tried out this combination of blue placemats and pink napkins, but a whole table of pink and blue.. well it's not my cup of tea.

From a few weeks ago. I think maybe if I had some pink in a floral arrangement it might work so I haven't discounted setting one like this in the future. However, my sweet husband is "not into pink". Those are Heisey Orchid candleholders on the table.

Pink really is pretty with the dishes though...

So we'll be dining on the blue linen this Valentine's evening. Sterling napkin rings contain white damask napkins, Heisey Orchid water glasses to be used for wine instead of the pictured Libbey Rock Sharpe and the menu is his favorite veal piccata, the link to the recipe is here. He's also purchased a sweet white orchid for the centerpiece.

I wish you much love, joy and happiness in the year ahead. May your memories sustain you and bring you joy.


Kristen said...

Just found your blog - love this table setting!

Maria C said...

These dishes are stunning! Your hubby done good. I expect you'll be experimenting a lot in the future with the color of the tablecloths to bring out the best in these gorgeous dishes. What a fun adventure awaits! It's really great to hear from you, Marlis!

hidden art of homemaking said...

Oh Marlis. this is stunning. I have pinned s4everal of your pictures for future reference. I must find some of these plates. LOL You are such an inspirational friend.
My Grandmother had White Orchid and I have a ton of it... and my Mama grew orchids so I have the perfect excuse to collect. lol
Beautiful story and table.
Love, Mona

Marlis said...

Yes I will. Thank you! <3

Marlis said...

Thank you.

Marlis said...

Yes you do... the orchid salad plate pattern is a bit easier to find. It's easy to love, dress up or down and the colors are easy on the eye. The dinner plates I had never seen before. Instant love!!! Thank you friend.


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