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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall has certainly blown in!

We had a bit of a cold front come through. I think it froze Saturday morning. Think, because I didn't really pay attention. Although we did go out for breakfast.. and I didn't think it was that cold.

Today I brought in some oak branches. Some had begun to change color. Here in Lubbock, it's leaves one day, yellow the next and on the third day they are on the ground. It certainly does seem that fast. Seriously. Coffee table accessories - Pottery Barn.

I especially love hos this turned out. The coloring in the leaves is wonderful. I also love how sparse this is. You can really see the shape of the branches. Confession, I did have to give the cooler a quick cleaning!

I leave you today with this quick tribute to a favorite holiday.. Halloween.. Boo y'all!


Kathe said...

Love your oak branches Marlis! The neighbors have a maple tree where it's green leaves one day, red leaves the next and poof! All of the leaves are on the ground, or so it seems ;-) Have a wonderful week!


The oak branches are so pretty Marlis, wish we had them here, but on second thought, I think we do! Gonna go look for them for Thanksgiving. Yes my friend, time just runs through our fingers like water and now November is at our door and soon C'mas will be and that'll be the end of 2012!! The boo banner is great and the lighted pumpkin is lovely too. Have a happy week ahead.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Marlis, the branches look great! The cold front hit us in Dallas, too. I looked out this morning and had the most beautiful roses! LOL! Nature is so confused!

On Crooked Creek said...

Adore the idea of bringing the leaves indoors...except, this year I'm having tremendous Fall allergy problems!!! As of yet, I've been excused daily for jury duty...must call in each day, but I'm hoping to be permanently excused!!! Have a blessed week, dear friend!

Crystal Grandeur said...

Thank you Marlis to stop by and say few words for my post.so kind of you.lovely Halloween setting.thank you.TC...:):)


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