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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mr and Mrs Pumpkinhead's Halloween tablescape

First and foremost, I've been praying for all those on the east coast. For your safety, that needs are being met and that you feel God's comfort in the wake of the disaster that has befallen you.

Halloween has certainly been sneaky this year. Crept upon us without a warning. Boom, she made her entrance loudly and bewildered us with her unexpected arrival. This is how Mr & Mrs Pumpkinhead will be celebrating the evening. I do hope you'll join us, in between sneaking the candy that was meant to go to the little kiddies. Ms. Halloween told on you!

After Ms Halloween arrived with full force, I sneaked out of the house and quickly purchased some napkins, aka bandanas from Hobby Lobby. I think for the holidays, you can't beat their prices nor their darling accessories. A simple orange tablecloth, black felt placemats, my workhorse white dishes, some orange salad plates, a white soup and the fun, almost Gothic looking flatware from Horchow's.
Tip: If you can't find a suitable napkin, check out the bandanas!

I used the cool bead spiders used previously HERE to squish the napkin edges together, so I could sit them on the edge of the plates. Sometimes, Mrs. Pumpkinhead has a thought not muddled by the sheer mass of "stuff" that daily floats through her head.

And while I was out, I picked up some glasses from World Market at 2 for 1! Much was already picked over. But I snagged enough for us.

These amber Whitehall goblets are certainly getting a workout this fall. So glad I picked them up at an estate sale, last day, so half price. Life is good.

Also from World Market, these darling "Eat at your own risk" liners. I can't take any credit for this set up.. no sirree Bob. Mrs Pumpkin head saw these in a flyer or email ad from WM. And she had the wire holders, just needed the liners to honor Ms. Halloween. Cute eh?

Mrs. Pumpkinhead (and everyone else, including Regan, who was caught in flagrante delicto with one in his mouth. Shame! shame!) love Yvonne's Parmesan Puff Pastry Bread Sticks. Oh wow. you will certainly love these. As a matter of fact Mr & Mrs. Pumpkinhead love all of Yvonne's recipes. You can always find a batch of her Ceasar dressing in their freezer!

Hard to see with all the glaring sun, so look carefully. Mrs. Pumpkinhead put the lovely  Fleur de Lis votive holder on the table so that there will be light to ward off the creepiness of a full moon!

Mr. Pumpkinhead wanted to order take-out when he saw this menu!! It's just a disguise to keep the intruders at bay. Even a spirit wouldn't eat this swill! Don't tell, but butternut soup (we don't mention the s word.. keep them thinking there are butter nuts or the rest of the Pumpkin clan won't take a bite!), a Ceasar salad (don't you know he's groaning in his grave, a good remembrance!), and some pork chops with applesauce. Yummy!

Hoping it won't be too cool to enjoy yet one more evening outside.  Well, we will just pull out the heater and the wraps!

 Thanks for dropping in! The Pumpkinheads treasure your visit...

Tablecloths - white matelasse coverlet covered with an orange topper
White dinner plates - Wedgewood Windsor
Orange Plates - BIA from Tuesday Morning several years ago
Soups - Williams Sonoma, probably a decade ago
Placemats - TJMaxx a few years ago
Flatware - Horchow's
Amber goblets - Whitehall, antique
Double- Old Fashioneds - World Market
Napkins and Pumpkin place card holders (in bowls) - Hobby Lobby, different vintages
Spiders - United Market Street, a local grocery store
Conical holders - World Market
Votive holder - Mineral Wells, Texas
Sign - Dollar Tree

I hope you'll follow me to
Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish,
Yvonne's, Tutorials, tips and tidbits and
Susan's Tablescape Thursday! See you there..


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Marlis, This Halloween table is full of rich color and very fun details. A little spooky but mostly chic! LOVE the bandanna napkins and that great spider! Beautifully spooky!

On Crooked Creek said...

What creative voice along with this fantastic Halloween tablescape! Not a detail left undone, indeed! Thanks for your support...I was permanetly dismissed from jury duty!!! Have a safe and SPOOKtacular Halloween, dear friend!

Miss Char said...

Marlis, you did a spooktacular job on this tablescape. Each element adds another layer of fun to your table. All of the great bargains you found add just the right little "snap" to the holiday. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Marlise, this table is full of delights. The stack of plates with the cutout felt charger, the beautiful flatware with its gorgeous details, and those wonderful spiders used as napkin rings..........all perfection! ~ Sarah

Mary said...

I would love to be dining at Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkinhead's table! The bandana napkins are a great idea and I love the beaded spiders spinning their web! I thought those glasses at World Market were such fun too and I love the eat at your own risk liners! Happy Haunting to you :)

Infuse With Liz said...

Delightful Marlis! Great combo with the black on orange and the white plates! I like those World Market paper liners and those parmeson sticks sound delicious! I hadn't thought of the idea of a bandana for a napkin but that's a great one! I like your bug napkin rings!

Scribbler said...

Loverly! I saw this in the a.m. in my email, but didn't get around to commenting till now. Very cute and well put together.

Marigene said...

Love it, Marlis...I didn't even do a Halloween table this year.

kitty said...

What a fun, creative post, Marlis! I wish I could've dined at the table with the Pumpkinheads. Everything looks so festive and the meal sounds wonderful. Happy Halloween!

Entertaining Women said...

You've managed to make Haloween look elegant...perfect layers and balance of colors. Beatrice Emaline's christening is this Sunday. We're hosting about someplace between 25 & 40 for lunch after the service. It's supposed to be gorgeous here, so I'm determined that we'll dine al fresco. Happy week! Cherry Kay

Tammy Partin Spangler said...

I love the beaded spiders! Everything loves great, as always! What a deal you got on the glasses!

Jacqueline said...

Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkinhead sure know how to do it up in style! I need to take a trip to World Market. Ours is about an hour away. I love the liners. We use our little holders like yours a lot and fun liners would be great. I will have to try Yvonne's recipe! The beaded spiders and placemats are wonderful too.

I hate it when Halloween is over because it means I will blink and Christmas will be here! Thanks for the entertaining dialogue to go along with the lovey table!

xinex said...

This is really beautiful and so festive, Marlis. My favorites are the blingy spiders...Christine

Tea in Texas said...

Festive Halloween Tablescape! Hope you had a great evening meal for the menu sounded delicious. This warm weather is wonderful and maybe we are having Indian Summer for the tempatures are around record breaking. The spiders are very versatile and with the napkin spider web print just perfect. There may be many more outdoor meals with this great weather.

Thanks, Pam

Alycia Nichols said...

Bravissimo! I couldn't stop glaring at the words "pork chop." I am SO hungry right now, and I could just sink my teeth dead into (pardon the pun!) a Halloween pork chop right now! I love the sparkly spider napkin rings...such a sophisticated touch! They probably spin webs of gold! :-)

AshTreeCottage said...

Wonderful tablescape Marlis! I have not felt very creative for the past few days. I am praying for those on the east coast too. It's hard to feel really happy when so many other are suffering.

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Looks like Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkin had a fabulous Halloween feast! Love your pretty table. I didn't "do up" halloween this year.....had to take my outside things inside for the storm and just didn't feel like getting out all the spooky indoor things....mother nature was "spooky" enough!

Lulu said...

I so look forward to what new ideas you come up with, and you never disappoint. Thanks for all the cleverness you share.

Barbara said...

Marlis, I always love your tables! You think of such wonderful details. I waited too long for those glasses, unfortunately! The perfect pairing of elegance and fun!

Jen said...

WHat a great Halloween table! So much fun and perfect for the day! I love all of your little touches.... they really pull it together perfectly. And thank you for sharing where everything came from .... that is a great idea!

Pattie T. said...

Such great ideas here. I love the "Eat at your own risk" inserts - why didn't I see those at WM?? -- cleverly inserted into what I think are chip holders, right? Such a great idea! I love those holders, but since I don't make fries/chips, couldn't justify getting them. Now, I think I can. ;-)

we three dogs and me said...

Thanks for dropping in. due to the storm coming our way I was preparing for the worse and worrying about my family in N.Y.C. I was just not in the mood or time to think about Halloween. They fared well but my daughter in law who lives in Clayton was supposed to come home thurs but could not come hopefully sunday. I like the way the shadows made your table more eerie.Love it all.

Susan Hawthorne said...

marlis- love all your little touches- especially the liners from World Market and the menu board. Such a creative and fun table. Susan at Romancing the Home

Laurie Ritchey said...

Fun table, Marlis! Love the bandana napkins and those spiders used as napkin holders. You always put together such wonderful tablescapes. laurie


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