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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dining at the Derby Tablescape

Welcome to the 138th run for the roses! It's Derby Day this weekend. Oh gosh, Cinco de Mayo and the Derby all the same day. That could be a riot of confusion!!

This was my inspiration. The Stakes room at Churchill Downs. Notice the orange-y napkins, the black tablecloth, a plate with a green rim.

I used everything that I had (save for the new mint juleps cups from Ross Simmons that arrived in just the nick of time!) and tried to copy the feeling of the room the best I could.

I did look for these last week. Mint Julep cups. Afterall - what's the Derby without a Mint Julep - recipe on Friday!

Of course I will look like this - oh I wish! Still love this outfit that Julia Roberts wore to the polo match in Pretty Woman. And I'd have my derby hat, nothing too big, classically understated.

Naturally, the table is set with silver, and instead of a green rimmed plate, a green charger with a white plate.

Around the champagne bucket we are pretending is a loving cup or trophy, I've placed horseracing mementos. The photo-finish is a picture of a race horse we had before the children, Her name was My Moon Molly and she's the one in the front!!

Just as in the photo of the Stakes room, I've folded the napkins into the basic bishop's mitre and then folded the flaps down. Or at least that is what my napkin folding book calls it. 

The sterling champagne chiller belonged to my husband's grandparents.

You know I'm smitten with monograms.


Please pick your seat.. the race is about to begin! Looks like a great evening!

Black tablecloth - had for ages
Napkins - World Market last year
Green chargers - Hobby Lobby years ago
Dinner plates - Wedgwood Windsor
Flatware - Old Company Plate Signature
Mint Julep cups - Ross Simmons
Racing mementos - personal items


Debbie said...

Pssst... Don't tell the folks at the Stakes Room, but your table is lovelier! It wins by a nose. A big nose.

I love this idea and all of your silver. I have never had a mint julep. I have always wanted to do a posh Derby party with them. In my head, I always look just like Julia Roberts, too.

That's my favorite "look" from that movie.

Wonderful post and table. I enjoyed it all.

Diane said...

Marlis - your table is absolutely wonderful - love, love those napkins!! My friend from Louisville moved, but she and her husband used to host a Derby party every year. I miss them, but I really miss the fabulous mint juleps that they used to make!

Stitchfork said...

Pretty - also noticing some great monograms too!

Pat's Pink Apron said...

This looks wonderful and elegant.
Your napkin fold is sharp.
I will be watching the Derby.

Elaine said...

Marlis, you really captured the feel of the Churchill Down's Stakes Room! I can just picture you in your "Pretty Woman" ensemble (I've been looking for that dress for decades now!) sipping a mint julep and talking about the race.

Pretty table and very fun post!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

This table is a perfect Derby Day tablescape! Love the colors and the details you used. Oh and I love that movie also! hugs, Linda

Chubby Chieque said...

Wow... derby? This is one of my dream to attend to.

Absolutely pretty table. I am enjoying every lil thing you have.

Happy TS.


Tanya@takesix said...

Beautiful table Marlis. I love the way you folded the napkins. Have a wonderful weekend.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a wonderful and creative tablescape! My brother lives in Louisville and they enjoy all the Derby festivities! Love your mint julep cups...never had one, they sound very sweet. Your dishes are very elegant and pretty. I just love all the detail here!! Great job! :)


Scribbler said...

I do believe this is the next best thing to being there. Maybe better! No crowds, no worries about too much sun.

That champagne chiller is just gorgeous -- lucky you -- you married well. ;-)

Barbara said...

Marlis! This table is so creative and wonderful! I just love your inspiration and how you made it your own, lovely in every way. I love your silver touches. You actually had a race horse??! Love that you added a photo to the tablesetting. Love the monograms and that napkin design. That Pretty Woman dress really holds up, doesn't it? I love it too. I am gushing, aren't I? :)

Kathe said...

Oh I was so going to do a Derby table, glad I went with a Cinco De Mayo one instead! I would have lost by several legs compared to yours!Yours is so much prettier than your inspiration! All of the silver and the crisply, perfectly folded napkins are perfect. You not only win but you place & show too! (off to go find those julep cups!)


Oh darling Marlis, this looks wonderful, I love the Derby, I haven't been in one for sooo long, last time was in NY 1985. Yummy the mint Julep, love it! Your table is amazing, such beautiful elements that go just perfect with the Derby theme. I also love that outfit that Julia R. wears in the movie PW. The sterling champagne chiller is fabulous, my type of thing! I have to copy your napking folding, bishop style?! Thank you for sharing, and for your wonderful and lovely visit sweet Marlis, you know I adore your visits!

Entertaining Women said...

Well giddy up...this is a great tablescape. Of course, I always love family treasures...the champagne bucket is a jewel. I never have the patience to do special napkin folds. The mitres are lovely. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

Sarah said...

Marlis, your table is prettier than the ones in the Stakes Room. Love the details and colors. Have to say that the image of Julia and Richard is one of my favorites. Love the look! Have fun at Derby Day! ~ sarah

Schotzy said...

YOU nailed, Sista!! Except your's is better....

Alycia Nichols said...

So cool, Marlis! I have never been to the races, but would sure love to some day. I have seen it on TV, but that's not the same. Just another bullet point for the ol' bucket list! Very clever to recreate the look of the Stakes Room!!! You did a great job with that! Adding the photo of your horse was just TOO cool!!! That must have been quite a fun time raising a horse! Enjoy your juleps, and enjoy the race. I hope to be able to watch on TV while I'm down in Pittsburg, KS, or maybe I can find it live streaming somewhere on the Internet.

Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch said...

Marlis you are so clever, Girl! This was as good as going to the real thing. lol I love that dress Julia Roberts wore, too. I wonder how many folks tried to find it after the movie aired. Thanks for taking us to the Derby for TT! :) You tablescape was wonderful! The champagne chiller is such a treasure...thanks for sharing it in your beautiful table setting.

Shirley Long said...

I love it! The details are gorgeous. Love the champange chiller. Just ordered a monogrammed one for a wedding present for my niece from Pottery Barn but I'm looking for a vintage one for Foxy's!

Robin said...

This was such a fun table and you did a great job of recreating all the elements from your inspiration and added even more! And you once had a race horse, who knew? Ha! I was obsessed with that dress("Do you work on commission? thought so, BIG mistake!") and even had one in black and white (didn't wear a hat though). It's very much back in style now.

Robin Flies South

Danielle said...

Hi Marlis, your table is wonderful! You have really captured the "feeling" of Derby Day! I'll be watching too. Enjoy your weekend! : )

PS I've always LOVED that outfit from Pretty Woman. Great Pic!

Danielle xo

Barbara F. said...

I love your silver pieces and the color scheme here. I have always wanted to taste a mint julep! Makes me want to put on a pretty dress and a big hat and party! xo

A Cottage in the Clouds said...

You've really captured the mood of the day, and I agree with the poster who said your table was better than the Stakes Room. The silver pieces are perfect.

Carol@HouseandHomeDefined.com said...

I LOVE all that orange, Marlis!! I still always think of Pretty Woman when I see a polka dot dress. And I still want to wear one. :)

Tess said...

Great and elegant table!! Love everything especially your own memorabilia! I'm sure your hat will be tasteful and lovely!! ;-) Enjoy!


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