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Friday, December 9, 2011

White Christmas


    White Christmas

Who wrote the song 'White Christmas'?Irving Berlin
Who played the part of Phil? Danny Kaye. He was the third person picked for the part. It was originally intended for Fred Astaire but he backed out after reading the script.
    Who owns the inn that they stay at in Vermont?
    General Waverly. General Waverly was Bob and Phil's general while they served in World War II. They salute him when they first see him at the inn.
      How are Betty and Judy related in the movie? Sisters. Betty is Judy's older sister.
        Where do Bob and Phil go to see Betty and Judy perform their act for the first time?Miami.
          In the movie, what is the name of Bob and Phil's musical team?Wallace and Davis. They used their last names as the title of their act.
          The actress who played the part of Betty has a famous nephew. What is his name? George Clooney . Rosemary Clooney appeared on an episode on 'ER' when her nephew was still part of the cast. He also lived with her when he first moved to L.A.
            In which movie did the song 'White Christmas' first appear?Holiday Inn.
              Who played one of the lead parts in the movie and also sold 30 million copies of his recording of the title song? Bing Crosby . The most familiar version of 'White Christmas' is not the one Crosby recorded in 1942. Bing was called back to the studio in 1947 to re-record 'White Christmas' as a result of damage to the 1942 master due to its frequent use.
              What year was this movie released in the US? 1954. It was the leading box-office draw of that year.
                What year was the film released? 1954. Biggest box-office draw of the year.
                  Who portrayed Phil Davis?Danny Kaye. He is perfect for the role.
                    What the state in question five had been without since the day before Thanksgiving when the quartet arrive? snow. The four thought that they had traveled on the wrong train when they got off.
                    Who portrayed General Waverly? Dean Jagger. He is wonderful in this role.
                      What state is the resort in?Vermont. Bob and Phil are supposed to go to New York to talk to Ed Harrison, but Phil convinces Bob to go to Vermont to be with the girls.
                        What is the name of the resort that Bob, Phil, Betty, and Judy stay at? Columbia Inn. They stay at the Columbia Inn in Pine Tree, Vermont. "Holiday Inn" was the movie in which Crosby introduced the song "White Christmas", some years earlier.
                        What is the name of the tv show host in the film? Ed Harrison. A spoof of Ed Sullivan.
                        What is the name of the club where Bob and Phil see Betty and Judy for the first time? The Florida Inn. The name is shown on a neon sign when Bob and Phil walk in.
                        Who portrayed Bob Wallace in 'White Christmas'? Bing Crosby. He is perfect for the role.
                        Which person did not actually sing any of their performed songs? Judy. Vera-Ellen played the part of Judy. She didn't sing any of her songs. Rosemary Clooney, playing the part of Betty, sang both parts of the "Sisters" song. Trudy Stevens sang all the other songs for Vera-Ellen.
                        What song did the movie end with? White Christmas. They ended the movie at the end of the show. Phil and Bob were both dressed as Santa Claus and they were singing "White Christmas".
                        What war did General Waverly, Phil, and Bob serve in together? World War II. They were in WWII together. After retiring from the military, General Waverly purchased the lodge in Vermont. Phil and Bob made their own production company, naming it Wallace and Davis.

                        Phil wanted Bob to get married and have nine children and spend at least five minutes a day with each one. Why did Phil want this 45 minutes to himself? He wanted a massage.. If Bob were married, Phil would be able to have some time to himself. He would not have to worry about Bob so much.
                        When was the premier of the production they were putting on at the lodge? Christmas Eve. Bob told Ed this on the telephone. They filled the entire lodge full of guests and cast members. The production was for Christmas and to honor General Waverly.
                        Who was the busybody housekeeper that worked for General Waverly? Emma. Emma was played by Mary Wickes. Emma would constantly listen in on conversations over the phone. She also read other people's mail by steaming it. Susan was General Waverly's granddaughter, she was played by Anne Whitfield. General Waverly was played by Dean Jagger.
                        What show did Bob go on to invite the old military unit of General Waverly? The Ed Harrison Show. He went to New York to get Betty to come back and he met with Ed to appear on his show. When Betty saw the show she realized she was wrong in her assumptions of Bob.
                        What was missing when Bob, Judy, Betty, and Phil arrived in Vermont? snow. There was no snow when they arrived in Vermont; there hadn't been since Thanksgiving. Wallace and Davis went ahead and scheduled a production for their General's lodge. Bob Wallace was played by Bing Crosby. Phil Davis was played by Danny Kaye.
                        What body part of Judy was always covered by her costumes and clothing in the movie? neck. Judy was sister to Betty, together they did a song and dance act as the Haynes Sisters. Vera-Ellen played the part of Judy. Because Vera-Ellen suffered from anorexia her body aged faster than she did, which made her neck look significantly older than she was, so they covered it up.


                        Liz@A Dish Here, A Glass There said...

                        This is neat Marlis! I love this movie- I have my own copy. It's a must see for the holidays for me!
                        Rosemary Clooney was so gorgeous and her voice is too! The ole' crooner Bing always sends me into nostalgia...and I always adored Danny Kaye- he cracks me up! They don't make them like they used to!! Happy Holidays! Liz

                        Babs said...

                        Marlis, I LOVE the White Christmas trivia. White Christmas is one of my all time favorite holiday movies, and I watch it every year. One of my favorites parts is when Bob and Phil did the "sisters" act. They looked like they were having so much fun.
                        Thanks again for the fun facts.

                        The French Hutch said...

                        Oh this is fun Marlis. Love the Q and A on one of my all time favorite Christmas movies.

                        The French Hutch

                        Deanna said...

                        ....absolutely love this movie!

                        May you have a blessed Holiday month and a very Merry Christmas.

                        God bless,
                        d from homehaven


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