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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Comfort - Monday Photo of the Week

I love this corner of our living room. An old secretary. New couch. Down filled pillows. A very old piece of pottery. Dried lavender - a touch of Santa Fe. Comforts of home. Comfort to the soul.


  SPEAK low to me, my Saviour, low and sweet
From out the hallelujahs, sweet and low
Lest I should fear and fall, and miss Thee so
Who art not missed by any that entreat.
Speak to mo as to Mary at thy feet !
And if no precious gums my hands bestow,
Let my tears drop like amber while I go
In reach of thy divinest voice complete
In humanest affection -- thus, in sooth,
To lose the sense of losing. As a child,
Whose song-bird seeks the wood for evermore
Is sung to in its stead by mother's mouth
Till, sinking on her breast, love-reconciled,
He sleeps the faster that he wept before.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Note: The needlepoint pillow was made by my mother when I was about 2 or 3. It's over half a century old. Wool needlepoint, fine cotton velvet. Every time I look at it, I see her hands.


xinex said...

I love that corner too, Marlis, so beautiful. I love your secretary! I don't have a secretary and would love to own one so bad but I have not found one I really like in my price range, plus I really do not know where to put it...Christine

Natasha in Oz said...

What a lovely cosy corner, full of warmth, happiness and beautiful memories. Every home needs an area like this!

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend,

Mary said...

What a cozy corner to curl up in! Love your beautiful pillow~ what comforting memories tied to it~

Shelia said...

What a lovely corner, Marlis! I could sit there for a very long time! Beautiful.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Debbie said...

I really love the look of this corner. It's exactly what I would want around here.

And the sonnet is lovely!

Rettabug said...

What a special to-be-treasured heirloom, Marlis! It is a beautiful pillow & this cozy corner looks very inviting.
I've wanted a secretary all my life! *sigh* I should get one before its too late.

Thanks, too, for sharing the pork tenderloin with sage recipe. Sounds delish! If I make it, I'll probably chop the garlic & just leave it in the juices. That way, I can blame them for my lumpy gravy! LOL


Anonymous said...

Wow Marlis, this is gorgeous!

Thanks for coming by. I am trying to get around to visiting this morning. Been out and about a lot lately and falling behind!! Missing my regular visits!

Kuby said...

What a comforting scene! That pillow your mom made is nothing short of spectacular. I love the poem, I'm going to read it several time. Thanks for another great post, Marlis


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