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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heirloom Sewing in Texas - part two

This week, it's the 200 category and sorry to say, I don't remember exactly what the name of this category was.  Isn't this Baltimore Album quilt fabulous. Enlarge the picture to see the beautiful silk ribbon work, the stitching and the flawless applique. 

This pieced jacket is lovely in yellow and blue.

Doesn't this leaf look as if it is curling, drying out? The quilting is fabulous too.

The applique stitch on this piece is an open, airy zig zag stitch. The quilt certainly augments the piece.

The embroidery and stitching on these pieces is extraordinary. Each piece is designed to show both to their best. So very lovely.

What a cute, cute baby quilt. The beautiful scalloped edge is flawlessly carried out.

Isn't she just precious? I think I know her!

Beautiful kimonos are masterfully pieced on this gorgeous quilt.

I love this idea! Your life on film. Such a great memory quilt.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of sewing and you'll come back next week for the next category.

All samples seen at Martha's Sewing Market in Arlington, Texas.


Miss Char said...

Marlis, some of those entries just took my breath away. Thanks so much for sharing, I loved them all.

Red Couch Recipes said...

Marlis, although I am not a quilter, who could not appreciate the work and artistry of these. The ocean quilt is so beautiful and the white quilt is just so detailed and exquisite -- feast for the eyes. Joni

Dianne said...

Wow! These are unbelievable! The detailed work and the beautiful finished works of art just amaze me. Thanks for sharing. Dianne

Emily said...

Stunning work! I'm going to be sure to show this post to my MIL, she is a quilter with her share of winning ribbons. I love the first quilt, the detail is so lovely. I'm sure it was an exciting show with lovely quilts to see.

The French Hutcn

Debbie said...

Oh, these are just works of art! I kept changing my mind as to a favorite one or ones. All that white is just awesome.

Rettabug said...

OMGosh...that white on white stuff just makes my ♥ go pitter-patter! Outstandingly beautiful creations, Marlis. Thank you SEW much for sharing them. I've enlarged each photo for a better peek.

I've been to the Houston Quilt Show several times & I'm thinking about coming to it again this year. Have you gone?


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