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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shopping Santa Fe

We spent the last three days in our favorite city. A city whose merchants know us by name, whose hotel knows what we like and restaurants that welcome us back. Santa Fe. I am just waiting to win the lottery so that I can move.
We were going to mourn the demise of one of our favorite stores, Simply Santa Fe. In its stead, we found a store still in its infancy, Cowboys and Indians (wonder if the magazine had copyrighted their name? I'm just sayin...)  This store has potential! I mean real potential. But they did lose the dish department, so unless I go in to be inspired by the clothing or am looking for furniture, well, my opinion is waiting it's teenage years!

 We are shopping for a new coffee table. Although Mr. tightwad CJ thinks our old one is just fine, it doesn't suit the room now that the sectional is gone. He wasn't much help to say the least. This specimen is mesquite wood, quite heavy but I'm not sure that it is the right one.

We took the wrong vehicle!!! Had we been in my husband's, surely I could have been the hood ornament, or laid down beside this in the back and it would have fit. Seventy five inches long! Not even really pricey. Victorian, although I question that, it's not fussy enough, but I love it none the less. I am thinking another trip is in the very near future!

In a store called Mexico Lindo on Cerillos road, we found this very rustic oxen harness side table. A wee bit too rustic for me, but it was really a charmer.

And then I came across this table. Mesquite. The top is an old gate, the other side has the hinges. I totally loved this. Maybe it was the cross in the door that fed my soul, or the scraped off green paint, or that is really was the perfect size. Mr. CJ isn't found of green. He might have to look around the house and see how much there really is. He's right though, I really need the cooling off period between seeing and buying.

And we ate well at the Ore House one night with these wonderful jazz performers and Milagros 139 the next. They had a very versatile guitar player on stage. Food was fabulous at both places.

And then we went out to Jackalope! Oh so love that very eclectic store, once again on Cerillos Road. 
Where we saw this mirror framed in rolled paper. Can you imagine how long this took? But very artistic.

A coffee table of glass atop drift wood.

The size of this coffee table exempted it for coffee table consideration. Those are grinding wheels as legs!

Peggy and Connie, this is for you! I've never seen a Husqvarna treadle before, have you?

We usually stay at the Hilton (we started staying there when I still traveled and had a gajillion Hilton points). Parts of this building were built in the 1600's. 

Stay tuned for Wednesday when I show you some great dishes for Tablescape Thursday. Please drop by HERE to leave a comment and instructions on a terriffic Mikasa china giveaway! Thanks for droppin' in. It's always nice to have company.H


Entertaining Women said...

I see that we have both been traveling this week. You headed West, and I journeyed East. We bought our Welsh Dresser on a trip to Santa Fe, and my dear friend bought a coffee table much like the door with the cross that you so liked. I love the Finn Gallery; I need to get back to Santa Fe before too much more time passes. Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds. Looking forward to the dishes. Cherry Kay

Entertaining Women said...

P.S. Yellow Freight is really pretty inexpensive, and they'll bring you that coffee table....I'll just betcha! Cherry Kay

Debbie said...

I absolutely love that side board, and you made me grin about being the side board.

I think I would love Sante Fe.

Kuby said...

I love the rustic table >the first one< I love to furniture shop! Great photo's Marlis. You really capture the mood.

Dianne said...

Marlis, I love Santa Fe too, although I don't get there anymore since my sister doesn't live in NM now. Beautiful pictures. Glad you had a wonderful time.

A Hint of Home said...

What an interesting shop! They have some unique pieces. Looks like a fun place to shop.

Alycia Nichols said...

I'm clapping really loud for that driftwood & glass coffee table. That thing is cool!!!!!!!!


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