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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Decorating your table

While working and traveling for Bernina USA, it was a rare occasion to actually have a few minutes to see the sights, visit an incredibly cool store or see much more than airports and hotels. Not saying we didn't have fun, but traveling does have a few drawbacks. I wouldn't trade the friendships and experience for anything!

One such trip, I remember it well. Blanche, our district manager for North Carolina (and other states with girls' names!) planned it so that we could take a few moments and slip into Replacements LTD. It's definitely worth a trip to Greensboro, North Carolina to see this dish haven. You see I've had a dish addiction since I was a little girl and Blanche, a fellow Lubbockite, knew this. This was back in the day of no baggage limits (just under 40lbs please), carry-on could actually fill an overhead and was only limited by what you could actually carry. UPS and FEDEX were my closest buddies!

The shopping was great, we happened to be there during a sale!  It's a great site to find missing pieces to your collections (yes pricey, but they have done the work for you), and they will gladly help you identify your pieces (note to self - the crystal still has no name!) They even have a blog AND set tables!

So just for you (I've not be paid, am not affiliated, etc etc) two videos I hope you enjoy! Also by checking their site, you know if you the deal in front of you is indeed a bargain!


lucybear said...

I love your addiction....I love what you do.....You could get a job on Sandra Lee "Semi-homemade" tv show and do her table scapes. Yours are sooooo much better than hers.....You are amazing...

Kuby said...

Great post! I enjoyed these movies so much. Great ideas for centerpieces and table settings. I'd love to walk around in this store sometime!

xinex said...

Thanks for sharing the videos, Marlis. I really enjoyed them. How I would love to go visit that warehouse!...Christine


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