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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's all in the covers - fabric covered chairs with flair.

I got this picture in an email today! From Char out of Santa Fe, NM. The store closed across the street from La Fonda, but she's now opened a new place at 206 McKenzie Street. I will be going to visit the White Studio. I have to see the chair.  For a fabric-aholic, this chair speaks volumes. It's a look I love.

1. It's not a recliner
2. It's not boring
3. It's a traditional wingback design 
4. I really want this chair!

 Of course my husband would prefer this. It looks comfy enough, but I don't think it will make it's way into our living room. Crow's Nest Trading

 The Walden Chair from Thomasville. I love the curves and the feet and the tufting. And it can be covered in a variety of fabrics, such as the one below.

Which chair would you chose?


Karena said...

Marlis I love the lines of the last chair and it would be so fun to find just the right fabric!!

Art by Karena

Millie said...

I'm partial to ottomans but love the first chair best. Good thing you didn't add 'chairs' to your list of "thou shal not covets..." LOL

Miss Char said...

If you looking for a chair with a statement then I think the first one is perfect. If you looking for a chair that you can cozy up in then I'd say the last one.

Janice said...

Well I would pick the last chair to curl up in while looking at the 1st chair. The crazy patcher in me just loves the first one.

xinex said...

I am glad I am not buying, Marlis, because I will have a hard time picking which one to buy. I like them all, including the one that your hubby might pick. I guess the price will probably have to be considered next.....Chtistine


Went a little further down to see the great post. Yeah, like Christine said, I'm also glad I don't have any space where to add a pin at home because, I wouldn't know what to choose! I love them all!


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