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Thursday, March 3, 2011

the reluctant entertainer - Sandy Coughlin's book

Regardless if you are married or single, regardless if you have children at home or not, regardless of whether you are 'content' with your home or not; when was the last time you shared your home with others? Be honest! Probably, it's been a while. If so, this book is for you!

I was the lucky recipient of the book,  the reluctant entertainer by Sandy Coughlin, giveaway on Amy Locurto's Living Locurto blog.  Thank you Amy, Sandy and Bethany House. I received my lovely book Wednesday and have had two evenings to indulge myself with  the delightful pages between the covers. Just check out the table of contents!

A chapter that hit close to home... overcoming perfectionism! I really am working on that. It's a disease, I'm sure it has a name - doesn't it?

The recipes will make you want to have an event just for an excuse to make these! Oh they are very, very scrumptious looking.

And my favorite quote from the book . Well, one of them anyway. Isn't this so insightful? And so true!

I hope you'll check out Sandy's blog - Reluctant Entertainer for daily inspiration and down home advice.  And you'll get to meet Sandy who is gracious and kind and entertaining savvy!

I also hope that all of you creative types find your way over to Amy's Living Locurto blog for fun times, great projects and  many give-aways.

Thanks to everyone one more time, I've delighted in my new treasure!


Kuby said...

Marlis, this looks like a great book! I will surely put it on my want list.

Babs said...

This looks like a great book. I could use a little help in the entertaining dept. We only entertain about three times a year and should probably do more, but for some reason..just don't. I'll look for the book. Thanks for the tip.

Entertaining Women said...

I'm so glad that this book is available to encourage all the reluctant entertainers out there. Maybe someone will pul their pretty dishes out that have been sitting in a cabinet forever...feeling neglected. Thank you for sharing the snippets. I can't imagine you hesitating to entertain. Cherry Kay

Magpies and Magnolias said...

I go into total panic mode if my husband wants to invite people over to our house. I've never really understood why. Perhaps this book would help me...

The quote about becoming secure with who God made you to be really hit home with me. I can't thank you enough for sharing that with us.

A Hint of Home said...

I'd love to read that book. I, on the other hand, have way more than the normal amount of company in my home.
I've had out of town company every month of the year at times. Sometimes twice a month and I don't even run a B&B. lol
It makes life interesting for sure.
A lot of work but rewards can be great when you entertain.

xinex said...

The book looks very interesting, Marlis. My daughter has been visiting but she is flying back home today so I have shared our home this past week and it's been fun....Christine

Jacqueline said...

This is a must have for me! I love entertaining but still stress. I will have to check out her blog too. Way fun!


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