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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Antique vignettte

I am not sure from when this piece stems, nor from where. I just knew it was to be mine when I saw it come up for auction. It's not perfect but it's perfect for me. Each arm of the chandelier is threaded onto the center post. Hence the arms can be rotated, raised lowered or removed completely. The candle holders are actually for tapers, but I used a stand alone votive in their stead.

It's a perfect piece to adorn.

 It is usually center stage on the long set of built ins in our hallway.

I love to accessorize this piece and presently, it sitting on a handmade table covering made by my grandmother.

A simple cotton homespun fabric adorned with embroidery and crochet.

Cotton embroidered flowers with french knot centers.

Beautiful crochet entredeux.

Elegant crochet edgings.

Bowl filled with pot-pourri.

Holiday bird (I know, he just never got put away) waiting on a branch.

Antique candles belonging that were once antique car headlights.

Thanks for dropping in.. 

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Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

What an amazing piece! I know you treasure it-enjoy!

niartist said...

Marlis, this is beautiful, all of it. I'm so glad you posted this, and I'm so happy you linked up to Vignette Fridays! I hope to see you again and again! :)

Sue said...

What a very unique candle holder- the little treasure trove underneath it is holding such pretty "smalls."
Too funny how you never put your tiny holiday bird away.... He looks quite at home perched up there. And what a treasure to have that tablecloth made by your grandmother. :-) Sue

Anita said...

This is incredible! What a unique piece! I love it, and you have displayed it so beautifully. Your grandmother's linen is beautiful also!!!

Entertaining Women said...

I can see so many great tablescapes using this candelabra. Absolutely great piece. I also see that you're a stitcher. I used to paint custom needlepoint canvases at a great needlepoint store here. I think that we must be birds of a feather. Thanks for stopping by my post. Come for a visit anytime. Cherry Kay

Natasha said...

It's gorgeous! It looks like a Christmas tree-I love it!

Best wishes,

Bella said...

Hi Marlis, What a fun piece!! A good conversation piece:-) Love your beautiful linens!
Thanks for visiting!

Patti said...

What a unique piece...must be fun to change up! Cute bird!

Nancy said...

Love the bird, the lace and the unique candle holder! That is such an interesting piece! I love it!


Blue Muse said...

It's all beautiful, but that table cover is a-mazing - and the fact that your grandmother made it makes it all the more special. Love it.

Happy weekend!
xo Isa

Deanne said...

What an unusual piece, I love the candles wrapped in music sheets, I really like your hall way cupboards.

Debbie said...

What a gorgeous piece. A real conversation one at that. Great way to display it center stage. Have a great weekend. Debbie

Bill said...

Hi Marlis,

This is a beautiful piece, and I love the way you've accessorized it. Your grandmother's handmade table covering is truly special. It brought a tear to my eye, reminding me of needlework my mother made years ago (stashed away in the old cedar chest). It's wonderful that you're using this, as well as the beautiful pillow cases you shared in a recent post. I loved your Japanese tablescape --you're so very talented!

Hope your weekend goes well.

LUCKY 7 DESIGN said...

Thats a beautiful piece. I love how you have all little treasure tucked in there. I would love to know whats its original purpose was, so unusual but gorgeous! Well done. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog. Good Luck with your hutch..cant wait to see I hope you will post it.

Sandra said...

Love the wood piece and how fun to change the candles and look for the seasons and holidays...thanks for stopping by my blog...please come by again.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

What a fun and unique piece! And I love the table topper!

Jacqueline said...

What a unique and gorgeous piece. Yes Marlis, I can see where you could use this for every holiday and season and I love the base where you can decorate and display. What a beautiful spot you have chosen to display it. I love that you have such a fun spot where you can have all kinds of treasures!

Gail @ Victorian at Heart said...

It is always fun to find a unique piece that is so versatile. It would be great dressed for all occasions and holidays. Thanks for sharing.


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