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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Santa Fe - the city different

Here we are again. This must be one of my favorite spots on earth. A place to relax. Rejuvenate. Refresh. Be inspired. Eat. Santa Fe. The City Different. Did you know that they are celebrating 400 years?

We arrived around 1:30pm NM time. Parked. Set off to explore and eat. We totally missed eating. There was an art market around the square of which I'll share more in Monday's post. This is where we are having lunch tomorrow. Cafe Pasqual's! I cannot wait.

As we sit in the Coyote Cafe rootop cantina, I saw this awesome live wall. There's some adobe underneath, but isn't the coverage great? Reminds me of old chateau's in Europe. Love the chandelier hanging down in the passageway through the opening.

Street signs show off Santa Fe's proud heritage. 400 years is a true cause for celebration. And 400 years of being a city is quite a feat in a country as new as ours.

From there we ventured over to the best spot in Santa Fe to watch the sunset. The roof top bar on the oldest hotel corner (as per their website there has been an inn or hotel there for 400 years!) - La Fonda of Santa Fe. The sun just does wonderful things to the entire city.

I've always seen beautiful landscapes with pink and lavender skies. Now I've captured it myself. That's the state capitol bathed in evening sunlight.

A closer shot a bit later as the color became more intense.

This is a glimpse of what I'll be perusing the next day. There was an art market set up on the square. The individual tents are shut down for the evening. Isn't it magical to see the tree lit up. Reminds us to keep Christmas in our hearts year 'round.

There is a fire raging to the northwest of Santa Fe at this time. Also one to the north. Although a photographer's dream as this beautifully colors sunsets, we need to all stop and pray they can keep this contained.

Aren't the vivid purples, oranges, yellow amazing? You must take time to sit up on the rooftop and enjoy a sunset. Seeing one of God's miracles from here leaves you refreshed with the knowledge that He is at work always.

So I'm trying to capture a blue hour shot. Woe be me. I didn't check the time this would occur before we left home, so I get to keep snapping shots until the sky turns that magical blue color.

It's beginning to happen. But Mr. Hungry is just that - hungry and it's time to go find some food.

This eagle statue is completely beaded covering every millimeter of his being. Incredible workmanship!

For all you techies out there - click on the picture and take in the art created with circuitry!

Even Lady Guadalupe is created in circuit boards and the like.

You can see painted glass in so many places in Santa Fe, but rarely is is backlit.

Embroidered skirts. Since I have a clue how long this took to embroider, or how long it would take on a home embroidery machine, I have a deep respect for the workmanship. The quality was impeccable.

This is the first time we saw rickshaws in Santa Fe. Lots of people took rides around town in them. Faith - remember our trip in one in Houston??

And here is this deep sky. I need to carry a monopod with me from now on. It's quite difficult to leave the shutter open this long, not breathe, not move and remember to push the button to capture the shot!

I think this is my favorite shot! The street lights cast a green glow on the adobe wall, the lights are reflected in the branches and the sky is that magical blue!

The next morning, the first stop - Cafe Paris for breakfast!

Can you taste the massive amounts of butter in this croissant? Feel the flakiness of the baked delicacy? See the drool on my chin? Well, next time come with us and I'll give you a taste! Or better yet, order your own. :~)

French for bakery and pastry shop...

Walking to the square. Loved the wagon on the rooftop!

And then there is the art. Art is abundant. On every corner. In every window. On every person. In the air. It's just everywhere. It's my world. I feel good in that skin.

This inspired us to find some tiles to place on our steps into the house. Still searching for the perfect ones! Can you feel another trip coming soon?

I leave you this post, with an abstract wall piece. Made of crackled gold acrylic and other mediums. I think this would be fun to create in fabric. What do you think?


Jeannie said...

Oh, Marlis! This makes me so homesick! I love Santa Fe and it was always such a short trip from Roswell. Thanks for sharing -- it's like comfort food!

lulumusing said...

My, but you are having a wonderful time. So many of the places you show are familiar and bring back memories of visits. Have fun.


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