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Friday, March 27, 2009

Mother Nature's rampage...

Mother Nature can be so cruel. Those beautiful tulips and narcissus were my friends whose smiling faces greeted me every afternoon after another day of work. I would peak at them in the mornings so to make sure they had rested well during the night and check on their needs while I would be away during the day. Little did I know when I planted them (yes with help from husband) that they would become so near and dear to me. They were bright spots in the yard.

The wisteria is now weeping. Once they were beautiful purple hued chandeliers suspended from life sustaining vines. Now, they are droopy blobs of purple clinging to those vines for dear life . Will they survive, restore themselves to their former beauty? Probably not. One day I will come home to find their little bodies lying on the ground only a mere shadow of their once greatness.

So I ventured outside armed with a pair of scissors. I was determined to save what I could. All those little beauties who once stood upright and were now lying on the ground. Before more harm could come to the, I snipped them from their green cloaks and brought them inside. I was rewarded with a glorious bouquet of smiling faces. And now I wonder did I do the right thing? Some green cloaked buds have restored themselves and are now standing upright again. Should I have left them with their brothers?

As I rounded into the kitchen with my bounty and looked out the kitchen window I was greeted with another sad sight. Perched in a tree ripe with new green leaves sat a very cold looking blue jay. Huddled into himself, trying to beat the fierce winds and stay on the branch. I quickly reached for my camera to capture his splendor. Would he find a shelter for the night? Will he miss the smiling faces that once stood at attention as he flitted through the yard to the bird bath? Certainly order will be restored. And just maybe this year, hunting Easter eggs won't require coats, mitten and gloves.

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