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Friday, August 19, 2011

Lenox swans


Love. Grace. Unity. Purity. Beauty. 
All words synonymous with Swans.

The history of these small little pieces goes back to the early 1920’s, when a Bride to Be, would register with an exclusive Department Store.  As people purchased Lenox dishes for her, each full place setting came with the Lenox “tiny Swan” and Pepperette, or in later years just the Swan. Many Brides ended up with their full place settings and a complimentary salt. These are some of those complimentary bridal pieces. Pretty smart marketing from Lenox!

I found two of them at an estate sale. 
For dirt cheap..  
I love bone china. 
I love swans.
I am happy.


Katrina said...

Very nice!!! Congrats on a beautiful find. Now I'm looking forward to the table set with these... :)

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful Marlis!

Thanks so much for your input about the movie. It was definitely an emotional afternoon.

We did not have a housekeeper when I was growing up nor have I had someone to come in, as an adult. A friend in high school cleaned houses and I went along with her a time or two. For me, those times I went with her, was a glimpse into another world I had no idea about.

xinex said...

They are so pretty and so graceful, Marlis. Lucky finds!..Christine

Barbara F. said...

I love swans too, and I always loved Lenox, I had a large Lenox swan dish years ago. The special thing with swans that I like is that they mate for life. xo,

Babs said...

I love the story, Marlis and the swans are so delicate and beautiful. Can't wait to see how you use them.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I love swans too -- these are so pretty, will look forward to seeing them gracing your blog again soon!

Denise said...

Hi Marlis,

I'm so glad you shared this post. I have one of those Lenox swans, but I'm not sure how I got it. I've had it displayed in a shadow box with some other small treasures for years now. I do vaguely remember getting it with our wedding gifts, but we didn't register for any Lenox. A real mystery. That whole time period was such a blur :) Working full time, trying to write thank-you notes, set up house, and the whole bit. After I read your post, I looked at the bottom of mine, and sure enough, it says "To the Bride".

I, too, love swans. We saw them when we were in England, and that's the only place I've ever seen real ones. Nice post! Have a great weekend.

Denise at Forest Manor

Kuby said...

Those Lenox swans are beautiful! I'm so glad you found them!

Maria said...

Pretty clever marketing from Lenox! I wish more companies would woo us and gain our loyalty and make us feel like they were giving us a little extra for our money! I recently bought some fine bone china, and, after looking at a lot of similar patterns decided to go with Lenox. Their quality remains superior . . . and it's still made in America - a nice little bonus all in all . . .

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Yes, the swans are a beautiful find, lucky you.


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