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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tartan for Christmas

I am a sucker for tartan, especially in red. 
Red Stewart is my classic favorite. I think I can thank my mom for that. I had numerous Stewart kilts growing up. I guess they were the thing to have way back then. No, I won't share how long ago that was. 

When I saw the Nikko Tartan, it came home with me without a second thought. 

 And then I succumbed to Lenox Holiday Tartan. Mom had the black plaid placemats. Maybe the love of plaid and tartans is a gene that has been passed down?

I've used the Holiday Tartan for both informal and more formal settings

It appeared for Thanksgiving one year.

I still buy tartan and love to wear it. I've even used gifted tartan as a table runner.

This year, I might just fall pray to Williams Sonoma's tartan chargers....

and their salad/dessert plates. Should I?

Found these here.  Called Harlequin by Dot & Bo... they don't look like harlequin!

Found these here. I should have bought these!

These from Pier One are adorable!!! Small appetizer plates. One can never have too many!

From Ralph Lauren Home. Duke Dessert Plate. Yummy!

Found on Replacements.com, Sasaki tartan plaid dinnerware.
This wonderful pattern is by Spode, called Glen Lodge Tartan. Found here.

From the Williams Sonoma blog.
So do you Tartan for Christmas?


Sarah said...

Yes, tartan for Christmas, but also through the year. I've always loved plaid and tartan. I would love a set of those RL salads with the crest monogram. I have a set of plates in the RL pattern top right in your photo. Wish I had the Blackwatch on the left. ;-) I'm crushing over WS's tartan offerings this year, but I started a set of chargers in the Sasaki tartan several years ago when I purchased a set of 12 cups and saucers in this pattern at Goodwill. Only paid $12 for the set. Now I add the chargers when I can find them at a reasonable price.
Thanks for sharing this post, Marlis. It's great to see you sharing again.

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Oh yes I do love tartan too! I favor the red but also like some of the white. I succumbed to the WS tartan dinner plates. I figured it's a classic and shouldn't tire too easily. I always admired the Nikko Tartan. Spode's Glen Lodge is a nice addition to all the tartan patterns out there.

Scribbler said...

Yes Ma'am, I do. I went to Michael's this year and bought some chargers which do nicely for my kitchen at a fraction of the WS price. If those go on sale after Christmas then I might get some. HG had those RL plaid salad plates a couple of years ago, along with the mugs. I didn't buy them, sorry ever since. I got the PB plates a couple of years ago, but they never did have salad plates. So I am on a quest for some plaid salad plates. I did get some little cappuccino cups at WS this year. So -- yes, I do Tartan!

Jewel Sauls said...

I love plaid for Christmas and have a tablecloth and napkins. No china yet - I'm waiting for a great bargain. Randy doesn't share my Tartan love, so I can spend a lot on it!!!! Our Presbyterian Church does a Scottish Heritage ceremony with a Kirking of the Tartan ceremony and bagpipers. I love it! This Sunday we are having a "Tartan Tea" as part of a Historic Churches Tour in our town.

Pat Cantwell said...

Marvelous viewing of your Tartan tableware, dear friend!!!
Yes!!! I wore Tartan Plaid kilts, also!!! (My Dad is of Irish Descendants!)
Do I Tartan??? One will have to wait and see!!!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Tartan is big this year. I do love the different patterns. I did buy those salad plates from William Sonoma and also tartan chargers from Michaels. I just did a taetan tablescape. Merry christmas.

Entertaining Women said...

I was tartan before tartan was cool. (Thanks, Barbara Mandrel.) :-). I've read that repetitive patterns are comforting to the eye/mind, and few are more comforting than plaid. Tartan demands a smile and a sweet sigh when encountered on a table. Thanks for giving us a peek at plaid. Cherry Kay


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