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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I love Advent Calendars

What is an Advent Calendar?

I've planned an advent calendar for you.. come by each day through December 25th for a new post showcasing something Christmas!

What is an Advent Calendar? It's a beautiful way to keep track of the days for both children and adults.

Open the door each day for a new surprise

The origin of the Advent Calendar can be traced back to the 19th. Century. The first styles came from the protestant area of Germany. Religious families made a chalk line for every day in December until Christmas Eve.  The first known Advent Calendar which was made by handwork is from the year 1851. Other early styles were the Adventclock or the Adventcandle - a candle for each of the 24 days until Christmas, like today's Advent wreath. In religious families, little pictures were hang up on the wall - one for each day in December. An other tradition was to paint chalk strokes on the door, one per day until Christmas Eve.

  In 1902, a Christian Bookshop in Hamburg published a Christmas Clock which was very similar to that published 1922 by the St. Johannis printing company. (Dominik Wunderlin, lic.phil. Swizzerland). The Austrian (NÖ) Landesmuseum is giving the year 1903 as the year of the first printed Advent Calendar. In 1904 an Advent Calendar was inserted in the newspaper "Neues Tagblatt Stuttgart" as a gift for their readers.

In contrast to the above Esther Gajek says that the first printed specimen was made in 1908 by a Swabian parishioner, Gerhard Lang (born 1881 in Maulbronn, Germany -died in 1974). When he was a child his mother made him an Advent Calendar with 24 "Wibbele" (little candies) which were stuck on cardboard.


 Later Lang was a contributor in the printing office Reichhold & Lang. He produced little colored pictures which could be affixed on cardboard at every day in December.

This was the first printed Advent Calendar, although without windows to open, published in 1908. This Calendar was named "Christmas-Calendar" or "Munich Christmas-Calendar". At the beginning of the 20's, Lang produced the first Advent Calendars with little doors that opened. At this time as well the Sankt Johannis Printing Company started producing religious Advent Calendars, with Bible Verses instead of pictures behind the doors. The Advent Calendar traveled a triumphal way around the globe. But Lang had to close his company in the thirties. Until that time he had produced about 30 different designs.

World War II terminated the success of this German tradition. Cardboard was rationed and it was forbidden to produce calendars with pictures. The first printed calendars after the war were printed by Richard Sellmer in 1946.

 We know that Advent Calendars filled with Chocolate was already available in 1958.  I have an addiction to these lovely things called Advent Calendars. I guess that I've had one since I was a tot has something to do with this addiction. I posted some of our collection HERE .  Enjoy. I hope you will check out the posts from December 1st on.. Thanks for dropping in and I am hoping you are having a wonderful Chris✝mas season!


Tricia said...

Great post, Marlis! Our family loves Advent calendars, too. My sister and my daughter are both great at creating personalized ones, and I found a fun one from L'Occitane to send my sister this year.

Jewel Sauls said...

I love Advent Calendars also! I learned a lot from your post and look forward to learning and seeing more!

Sarah said...

Marlis, I'm thrilled to see a post pop up from you. Have missed your beautiful creative spirit. I didn't grow up with the tradition of an advent calendar, so it is doubly fun to see these and read about them. Thank you for sharing. I gave my sister an advent pillow that I found on sale after the holidays last year. It is a simple pillow form with pockets for each day. She has filled it with notes to her granddaughter who is in kindergarten. I haven't seen the final, but she was to include notes of something positive to do for others each day. She'll be here soon for a visit, and I'm eager to hear about the final version. I'll share the link to this post with her.
Merry Christmas!

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

This was interesting to read. I never had the experience with these as a child. I was intrigued by them when I had my kids and had one with treats for them to enjoy.

Pat Cantwell said...

My sons l o v e d the Advent Calendars when I first introduced them during our "Tours of Duty" in Germany!!!
This year, I included an Advent Calendar with my daughter~in~laws Thanksgiving Birthday. She told me she'd never had one, but knew how they worked!!! I warned to keep her husband, (our son) out of it!!! May be we have started a 'new' Tradition!!! However, I'll include t w o Advent Calendars in 2016!!!
Thanks for sharing. . .and welcome back!!!


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